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It's Not Really The Moon...

... well, not the moon's fault anyway.

The pollen counts have been ramping up higher and higher.  My medication worked for the first few days I was taking it, but my flow tests have been going steadily down for the last five days, and we had a really busy weekend.

I had a class to teach Sunday morning, and for most of the week I'd done very little exercise, so on Friday, I decided to try and ride the exercise bike while watching the video for the class. And I had to stop when I realized I was getting nearly no air at all about 30 minutes into my 40 minute ride. My emergency albuterol inhaler worked well enough that I just decided to finish the ride, but... I think it's the first time I've had to do this since I was a kid.

It scared me, I think.

The whole last week was filled with meetings for John at the church. Plus I had meetings over the web site on Friday with a very nice lady who has very firm ideas about what needs to be done with the web site. She's cool in that she admits that she's used to pamphlets and understands that what she wants for a pamphlet may not be possible with a web site, i.e. that a user won't always get what she sees on the screen. We worked for three hours on stuff she wanted to do, and most of it was easy enough for me, but sometimes frustrating to communicate.

Saturday morning we had go to in to help put away the rummage sale. John's been going in every morning to set up a projector of a bunch of pictures from the Biloxi trip for the sale; but they had so much stuff that they really needed help cleaning it all up. So we went, the three of us, as the more hands the faster it was going to go. I helped shove old clothing into garbage bags for the thrift stores to pick up, and then hauled 30 gallon bags of clothing to the stage. I could feel my breathing starting to close down the more I did it and I was stupid and pushed on anyway... and then just had to sit down with my albuterol again and feel fucking helpless, again.

Jet came to give me a hug, and that helped more than I wanted to admit. But I thanked him for the comfort and he looked more content, so it was worth admitting.

We did a bunch of other things, too, going to the farmer's market, getting grocery shopping done, and other stuff. When we finally got home and had a little lunch, Alma arrived, and John, Alma, and I then proceeded to make 144 tamales. She brought over the prepared meat and masa as well as a bunch of dried corn husks. The three of us spread, filled, and wrapped together. Alma was very patient with us and did a great job of teaching us how to wrap the tamales. It went pretty quickly with all six hands at work. Jet was a jewel and entertained himself with origami.

When we were done, we'd steamed a lot of them, and ate a few test subjects, which were very, very good, and then put them away for our Cinco de Mayo celebration today.

Then I just decided to make the time, and got the 18th Chapter of Twin Souls up and solid. incandescens was very sweet and did the beta work on it very quickly. There was a lot to clean up on that chapter. I was just a lot sloppier than I like being, and poor incandescens had to do quite a lot of work with it; but the results are really, really clean. So I'm really happy with how it turned out, still I felt bad about being so tired and sloppy with my drafts.

Plus, I knew that Sunday was going to be chock-a-block with stuff. So I made time to enjoy working with stark_black on what's turning out to be a very sweet and hot story. I'm flattered she wants to work with me, and it's been such tremendous fun. Sadly, I also had to shred a whole chicken after quitting around 2 am my time. I was an idiot, I'll admit it. But I got it done, went to bed, and was up at 7:30 to get to the class I was teaching.

I did so well, they all asked me to do the next class as well. *head desks* I guess the reward for good work is always more work. *laughter*

Then I had to make coffee. It was also the first sermon by our new pastor, and it bodes well for the future, I think. Then I found out that the new coffeemaker was broken again. And I had to run get the old one, and heat it up and go with it and finally managed to get it to work right as the service let out, and I frantically got enough coffee out for everyone. And then there was a congregational meeting. And then...

... then I got to go home and pass out in my memory foam bed for two hours and wake up feeling like... well... yes, I could probably have used another two hours, but it was quarter after two and we had five or six families showing up at 3 pm and there was still food to prep. So I tried to wake up in the shower, and managed to enough to be hospitable.

And it was a fun little party. Informal potluck with Cinco de Mayo as a theme and two of the families with solid Hispanic backgrounds. With Alma's tamales we also had the shredded chicken, sauteed onions and peppers to be eaten by themselves or with the chicken, and I had real Quesadilla cheese and a salty, crumbly Chotijito cheese that was excellent on the beans Charlie brought and other things. It turned out to be a really great party as the numbers were small enough we could sit and talk with everyone. It was also over by 8 pm, the big advantage of a party with lots of little kids. Jet and I raced three Crash Team Racing games together for a bit, and then he got to hot tub. I'm bleeding heavily today, probably part of why I'm so down, so no hot tub for me. But Jet was happy with the warmth, got his shower and went to bed easily.

I should go to bed, too. I don't need to feel like a rag doll anymore, not really... and tomorrow is my last Disciples class, and there's a lot more work than usual.

Between my RP with stark_black and all the sweet comments on the April Showers meme, I suddenly found myself capable of writing all the drabbles I've offered quite quickly. I'm not sure they're that good, but I'm... amazed. Plus I've cut down my ambitions on some of the prompts, so I think I'll be able to do them more easily. Plus, incandescens triggered something that gave me at least the next chapter; and all the very nice comments on chapter 18 has helped me at least laugh at my doldrums. We'll see if that lasts, but I feel better now.
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