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The Funniest Thing In The World

Jet's doing his reading homework. He gets to pick any book that's "Just Right" and read it to us. He's reading Why Are You So Grumpy?, a book we got together when I was pretty cranky, and he reads it to me when I'm cranky... which I'm not this morning, as it's a late start morning and it's been fun being with him.

But in the middle of it, there's a bit about getting underwear for Christmas, and the kid in the book says, "Oh, poop!" at the present. And Jet and I giggled for five minutes straight at him reading, "Oh, poop!" like twenty times. I love little boy humor. *falls over giggling*

It's also helped that, for whatever reason, my flow count has started going back up. There must have been a flood of pollen or my shots yesterday or the Allegra I added on top of the Advair, but my breathing has gotten better today. I'm grateful.

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