Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

An Amusing Thing

This is mostly for zangetsugirl and a bunch of folks whom I know are starting an RP. I know zangetsugirl writes Dresden Files fics, but I just remembered that quite a few folks on my flist were on Amber MUSH with Jim Butcher, and he basically used a lot of their characters in the Dresden Files books. Most of the White Court, Summer Court, and Winter Court and other groups were from that game. I know that, at least one player, if not more, was upset about finding their character in someone else's book without accreditation, too.

But it's kind of interesting to see where an RP can go.

And, yeah, it does amuse me far too much to be on the email list for the Dresden File RPG. *giggles*
Tags: gaming
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