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Had, had, had to do some gardening today... the raspberries were taking over the whole of their bed, and leaving no room for the carrots or onions.  So I had to pull up the wanderers and replant them.  And then replant all the plants I wanted to keep in their places from where I had to upset the others.

John's been great and got the watering system in, got the support system up for the sugar snap peas and the raspberries, and I just had to do a few things to get everything else together.  But in the midst of it I just couldn't breathe again.  I had to use the damned emergency inhaler and while it worked, I just...  I really hate not being able to breathe.  And when I woke up this morning, I had a huge three inch by three inch patch of hives and really upset skin where my shot was LAST WEEK.  So something's up in the air.  The clinic recommended I take my other meds, too, which I had, as it seemed the wise thing to do, so I'm breathing again, but I'm half afraid to push it any more than that.

I had to call the OUR center manager and just tell him I just... well... *can't* work in the garden this year.  He understands.  I still feel terrible about it in some ways; but it was the sane thing to do.  John says he wishes I didn't have to deal with these allergies and the asthma.  I agree.  But it's a lot easier when we're doing it together.

Well, and THEN I broke like four or five of my tomato seedlings and that made me very sad. It got really windy out and I dropped one of the trays. *sniffle*
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