Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

A Random Box of Fics

These were written for various people for the April Showers Meme. Thought I'd gather them all up in one place. A little like a box of chocolates, but all little drabbles. Some are bitter, some are sweet, some are a little smoky. All are pretty much PG.

For mysocalledhell -
Mayuri in jail before Kisuke lets him out - this unwanted existence

The stone cave echoed. The screams, the rants, the quiet mutterings of people locked away forever for their potential, drifted unimpeded through the metal bars. Mayuri sat and thought.

He couldn't turn off his thinking. Unwanted, unnecessary, useless, his thoughts continued to flow. Thoughts of what it would be like to take apart those screamers, those mutterers, to see what it was in them that caused them to be locked in here apart from him. Procedures for experiments flowed through his mind like the frames of a movie, each precisely so far apart from the next step, dissecting time into bloody wet chunks of useless conjecture.

He wanted to not want to know anymore, to just be a part of the rock, the stone, the steel that locked him into useless nothingness. Easier to just not be than to want something that can never be, again.

For zangetsugirl -
Bleach + Ichigo/Byakuya + family

Byakuya's concept of family was shaped by his grandfather, a captain and a noble. His parents had been shaped by that grandfather as well, so when they died, his transfer to the Byakuya mansion was seamless, as cool and clean as his own visage. He spoke out, fought against the rules, the dry rock of tradition.

His marriage to Hisana was an extension of that fickleness, that passion he raised against the iceberg. But with Hisana's slow dying, the iceberg ground him down, honed him into nothing more than a sword for the Laws of Soul Society. And he made his promise to his parents, his grandfather, to uphold the Laws and the traditions he'd broken.

Ichigo's passion for the individuals of his family surprised Byakuya, he'd never thought of family that way. Family was the whole edifice of law, honoring ones elders, rules to be followed, things expected of you, something fought against or fought for. Not this raw anger at simply not having protected ones younger sister. It was never that simple, was it?

Or was it?

When Gin's zanpakutou entered his chest, cutting through skin, bone, and into flesh; Byakuya found his answer.

Maybe it was just that simple.

For shadowgirl1605 -
xxxholic + Doumeki's Grandfather/Watanuki + 'I close my eyes and you're all I see'

Watanuki read quietly for a few hours. Maru and Moru crept in with tea and sweets, and he nibbled and sipped half-heartedly. He was still trying to recover from all the wounds he had from falling out the window of the high school. His body still ached, the hard, hot pain from the sewn cuts was blunted by drugs and familiarity.

Eventually, exhausted, he lay back and closed his eyes.

Cool fingertips slid gently against his jaw. Startled he opened his eyes. Smoke drifted before dark eyes, "How are you doing, Kimihiro-kun?"

Watanuke took a deep, slow breath, relieved that in this dream the pain was all gone. "Much better now, sir." He smiled quietly and leaned gently towards Haruka, who slid his quiet, calming touch to rub against the back of Watanuke's neck. Watanuke leaned, trusting, against Haruka's shoulder.

"I am glad," Haruka said softly and took another long, slow pull from his cigarette.

For bellumina -
Zombie Powder | Gamma/Angelle | candy

"Ten of the pink ones, five of the blue ones striped with lavender, and eight of the green, please!" Angelle counted out her change, and when the man gave her her bag of candy she gave him a big smile.

"Looking for me in candy stores, again, are you?" Gamma leaned against the wall watching Angelle carefully.

She squealed and lept for Gamma's lean form. He had to catch her or else she'd have crashed into a display of a thousand jaw breakers. "Well, you're so sweet!" she said happily. "Of course I look for you in candy stores. Can I have my kiss now?"

Gamma laughed. "Well, sure, I'll give you a kiss."

Startled her eyes widened. "Reaaaally?"

"Sure! Really."

"Okay! Give!" Angelle puckered up.

And Gamma deftly tucked an unwrapped chocolate kiss between her lips. "There... a kiss."

And the one I'm least certain about, but I tried. *grin*
For rasetsunyo -
One Piece's Pell and Chaka, or Pell/Chaka whichever takes your fancy, prompt: purple

Chaka has always loved watching his friend Pell fly. The great wings that can blot out the sun, the powerful shoulders and chest muscles moving so gracefully, the wide eyes seeing all near and far. And the breathtaking swoop as Pell seemed to just fall from the sun to the earth, big wings snapping out at just the last instant, slowing and then landing him, feather light, on the earth.

Chaka walked over to Pell. The desert winds blew his straight black hair over his eyes, and he admired Pel's turban arrangement anew, it certainly kept the hair from his eyes.

He walked up to the shorter, slighter man and, once again marveled at the lines of dark purple over the white alabaster skin of his face. He'd always wondered why they were purple, though, perhaps, with the Devil's Fruit there was no real way to know. Instead Chaka just smiled, lightly traced the dark line down Pell's cheek.

Pell cocked an eyebrow at his fighting companion. "What?"

"Just admiring the color. It's the same as the royal purple." Chaka said quietly.

"Mmm... I guess I don't see myself often enough to do the comparison," Pell said as he turned towards the barracks on his way to another training exercise.

"They seem fitting."


"Royal colors on the royal falcon, the protector of the Royal Family."

Pell looked amused. "Then why didn't you turn out with purple markings, too?"

"Too common, perhaps?"

"Ha." Pell whirled, as graceful on the ground as he was in the air. "Idiot. They're just markings to cut the glare from the desert and the sun. Since you're all black when you change, you don't need them."

"Hmph. I like my explanation better."

"You're a romantic."

Chaka laughed. "Yes. Perhaps I am." He grabbed the slighter man, knowing he might get hit, but doing it nonetheless. And Pell acquiesced, allowing himself to be gathered close and then kissed. "Yes," Chaka breathed against lips as purple as berries, as heart's blood. "I guess I am."
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