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Medicines are Good

Got to see the asthma/allergy folks today. They now have me on three meds plus my emergency med and whoooieee, I'm breathing!

And exertion isn't pushing me into scary shortness of breath. I couldn't do the allergy shot today because my reaction scared the nurses badly enough they're consulting with the doctor again on Thursday.

Thing is... my inner adrenaline junkie, now fed on various adaptations of... well... adrenaline and steroids, is occasionally jumping into my brain and going, "Oh oh oh oh come on, Come On, COME ON. Why the F-- are you GOING SO SLOW!!!"


I am now very glad that I did not buy the Z3 M roadster or even the other M series cars I was looking at while in the midst of my upper management high a few years ago. I am glad I did not take up a friend's offer on a good deal on an AMG series Mercedes. I am even more glad I do not have a Tesla or a motorcycle.

Because it makes the temptation mostly moot. Even as it was I was forcibly taking my foot off the accelerator of the Passat as I would just blow by everyone from the stop lights.

I now understand Jyuushiro's calm control just a little more. *laughter*
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