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Custom Tea Cup Collection

jonsinger had a long-time request in to me to take pictures of his really early attempts at tea cups back in the late 80's as I commissioned, back then, a set of rough and ready Asian-style teaware. He's gotten a lot better at it since, but he wanted to see pictures of his first, baby steps... so I finally got pictures today and have loaded 'em up on Flickr. These little guys have really helped make my tea obsession all that more pleasurable.

I'll start with the early stuff and move onto the more recent stuff...

Singer's Early Work

I love the glaze work on this little guy... and the next pic is the same one right side up.


Then Pink! of the same generation...
You can see I've used it from the tea stains in the crackle glaze...


Singer's Green Edged glaze
First of the taller ones, but the green always gets me.

IMG_2285Singer's Blue
I love that the same glaze shows up differently on the inside than on the outside. This is later work by a bit, as the shape is more traditional in some ways and smoother.

Another later piece... white with some wonderful textured spots...

This one is now my pride and joy, and I use it a lot when doing old-man Chinese style tea service with my tiny Yixing pots. It's the most recent of my pieces by Jon. The glaze is from the earth around Neil Gaiman's house. Perhaps it'll help me dream.
Singer's later work
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