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We got to see Iron Man last week and really, really loved it. I especially loved how Stark tests things out. *laughter* I was very glad everyone said to stay through the credits. And it was definitely not a movie to take Jet to, he would not have enjoyed it. So it was good that John and I did it on our own.

Jet, early this week had said that he wanted nothing to do with Speed Racer; but then, later in the week, his friend Jack raved about the movie, so Jet changed his mind. So John and I took advantage of the change in heart and went to see it with Jet tonight.

I loved it. The Wachowski brothers held it very very close to the old TV series. The whole look and feel of "The Future According To The 60's" look was really fun. I *especially* loved Trixie and the fact that the Mom knew how to arc weld. *laughter* That was really cool. I enjoyed the effects the way they "should have been". It was a blast. Not a *great* movie, but with all the emotional stuff I have about the original series, the very, very first anime I'd ever seen, it was cool to watch.

Jet enjoyed it, too! Especially once we told him to spot the floomfy balls that flew out of the wreckage every time there was a crash. He was worried about how many people were killed in the crashes until we told him to spot the safety pods. That helped him immensely. And then he could just sit back and enjoy the crazy driving. He decided he'd never drive like that "Because I'd crack my head!" *giggles*

I got my allergy shot again today, after a very long consultation between the nurses and my doctor. I'd had a really bad reaction last week, which was probably contributing to my breathing problems early this week. So we stepped back a bunch, but it's still at a high enough level it's just wiping my brain out, now, even on the meds. So it's all a balancing act...
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