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The drugs didn't gain me any significant lung function. Just 3-4%. But... the pollen count is higher now than when I tested a month ago, too. But that's kind of a false hope. The doctor says I've pretty much probably lost function, but there's a chance that if I stay on the meds, now that I can actually breathe and do exercise things, that if I take advantage of that and do a lot more exercise that I might regain at least some function.

Which is what I have been longing to do. So I gardened tonight, and planted zucchini after working in compost, and I wasn't too breathless even after all the digging, which was good. Saturday is going to be a big planting day at the OUR center, so it should be fun.

The ironic thing is that I now, basically, have been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. Which is exactly what I gave Ukitake Jyuushiro after the active TB infection was burnt out of him. His has pockets of disease damaged lung tissue, still, which is why he coughs blood. I only have nonfunctional, perhaps compacted tissue. And I had a friend who died, last year, of just pulmonary fibrosis... he gradually just kept losing lung function as more and more of his lungs solidified after a very long fight. He got a lung transplant, and that helped for a couple of years, but eventually went the same way.

So it's a rather a lot more than just my allergy asthma, and there's a reason why my lungs still feel tight even when I'm on all the meds and the allergy shots. The cool thing was realizing that all my allergic reactions have actually gotten much better, probably because of the shots. I'm not sneezing or tearing up nearly the way my boys are. So... there's one good thing about the shots.

But on the amusing side of irony... something I wrote in Twin Souls seems to have actually become canon in the backstory arc. XDD r0ck3tsci3ntist and incandescens both pointed it out to me. That amuses me greatly.
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