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A Good Day...

Jet had only a half day for his Last Day of School, and John and I went to the school to picnic with him and all his classmates in the sun. We rode there on bicycles, and picnicked and played and Jet handed his Moo cards out to everyone. He has cards with his address and phone number and our names on them so that people can call and play with him if they want. A friend of ours had that idea for her kids, and it's worked out well for them, and Jet really loved passing his cards out.

We rode home, and I actually felt better just for that small ride of a total of two miles. Jet and John went swimming at the neighborhood pool; but it was like 70 and whipping wind out, so I didn't go. So I got a little computer time, and when they came home Jet was tired enough he set up his own Pacman and DigDug games and played them for a while and then turned on his Postman Pat tapes. Postman Pat is a British claymation about a British Postman in his town, delivering the mail and helping everyone out with the problems. Jet loves him. And he actually said, "I wanna give Momma some computer time."

So he did that and I finished two more prompts and felt a lot better about myself. I've done half my self-assigned prompts for June, and have plans for most of the second half, so this is pretty cool.

Then Jet and I went down into the basement and played Star Wars II for a while, and he did a whole level by himself while I did another four miles in twenty minutes on the exercise bike with some good resistance. We then played another two levels together, and John came down and they played a level while I showered. I blew the best flow test I've done in... weeks... really. So that was a very encouraging start.

We went to the Pumphouse for dinner, which is a big local pub. And I had an enormous BBQ pork sandwich slathered in sauce, topped with good, salty, crispy onion straws and a tangy, crunchy cole slaw. It was smoky, sweet, tender, juicy, crunchy, and all kinds of delicious good. There was an okay red potato salad and a quarter of a dill pickle with it and Jet shared a few of his fries. And, for dessert, I ordered a banana pudding with Nilla wafers and it was really good, but far too big, so I didn't finish it. Jet decided he liked the whipped cream but not the pudding.

I'm starting to realize that part of why I stopped exercising was because I'd lost 15 pounds by doing nearly nothing, and the body change kind of scared me. Part of my brain realized that if I also exercised that my body was going to change again and I think I kind of freaked out at that. I have a gut reaction against being attractive as a female... too much trouble associated with that for most of my life. But now that my life is kinda on the line AND I'm no longer working in the technical field, I think I'm past that, and it's not like I lose weight when I really start working out anyway. I've done it a few too many times, too, picking up workouts after a while off, and suddenly the lung tightness was familiar. I was like... oh, I've done this before. But now I have the flow test to make it quantifiable. As it really did make things clearer.

So that's all to the good.

It's been a really good day.
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