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First Tooth

Jet's losing his first tooth and it's been a real hoot for us and for him. Neither John nor I remember our first lost tooth, at all, and so we told Jet that. So we thought up maybe taking a picture of it and I offered, "Well, I could put it in my journal." And he got all enthusiastic. "Yeah, Mom! Put it in your journal!!"

*laughter* So I must put the picture of Jet's tooth in my journal. So here:

Way Loose Tooth

On the health note, I rode another seven miles today, and felt good about it, better when the flow test was significantly higher after it than before. Only problem with this is that one of my meds now reacts badly to anything aspirin or aspirin-related. So only acetaminophen when I'm sore. Not too bad a thing, all in all, but I just have to remember that, now.
Tags: biking, jet
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