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Spring Beauties

One of the beauties of having a real winter is that in the spring, the return of really good fresh produce is like a blessing. Especially when the farmer's market finally reopens, it's a huge celebration and I go a little nuts buying what little there is this early. It's mostly radishes, spinach, and onions of various sorts, as they're nearly all that comes up and grows this early in the year. But there's always one little booth that sells mushrooms that are grown in the county, and I love their fresh shitakes. They only last a day or two, really, so when I bought half a pound, yesterday, when I got home I prepped them along with most of a half a pound of spinach as well.

I also fine chopped a couple of shallots, and sauteed them in butter and oil and when it was good and hot, I added the sliced mushrooms and cooked them until they were good and brown and smelled wonderful. I then added the spinach and let it wilt. There was leftover tonkatsu, which I toasted and then served it all with leftover short grain rice and plenty of rich tonkatsu sauce. It made for a really great lunch.

Today was church morning. The service was all jazz, so that was fun. It was the last "Saving Jesus" class and there were some real zingers (like one guy who said something that I sometimes think, which is that he's a follower of Jesus but that may not be compatible with being Christian), but some pretty solid stuff too.

After, we went to the Boulder Creek Festival, ate a ton of free samples and food, wandered around in the hot sun, shopped, played in the Creek, and then walked some more. Between that and McGuckin's (the locally owned hardware store that has everything in it) and a grocery store next door, we did nearly four miles, and my right knee finally said it had enough. I was limping by the time we were out of the grocery store. So, of course, when we got home, we went to the swimming pool.

That might seem insane, but it got my weight off that leg and the coolness of the water helped keep the swelling down. So that was all to the good and I just bummed around a little, whatever was comfortable. But it's been since last summer since I swam, and my upper body finally got a workout, too, and I'm good and sore up there. It feels pretty good, though.

And I blew the best flow test, after, that I've blown since I got the tester. I know... I know it's going to go down again, sometime. It's been doing down every morning, but I'm okay with that. I'm used to things fluctuating when I'm in pursuit of a particular goal. I understand setbacks and my own depressions and things that happen. I also know I make progress anyway. I complain bitterly to those closest to me, but I make progress anyway.

When I got home and took my shower I started boiling water for artichokes, and when John and Jet got back, they showered, and John made steak and French fries. Jet got an artichoke and he ate nearly the whole thing, including most of the heart. Wow. A vegetable! So we had a good dinner. Jet's tooth is hanging on by a thread and he's lisping around it. *laughter*

I got to write a little. Probably post the next Twin Souls chapter up tomorrow, thanks incandescens.
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