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Garden Day

So it turned out that the Garden Club met at the OUR center vegetable garden today, not Saturday.

Luckily, I'd called Friday night, and the lady organizing the whole thing told me that it would be 9am today, not Saturday, so I spent some of Saturday morning in my garden, and transplanted another eighteen tomatoes and sweet peppers, and started hardening those off as well.

So first thing this morning, I loaded up all my hardened plants into the Passat and took off. Of course that meant I forgot my map of the garden and all the seeds... but I was able to drop off my plants and they were so busy weeding all the beds, first, that I was able to go home and get everything I forgot. When I came back we all started planting in earnest.

Lots of tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, squash of various types, carrots, radish, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, and basil were planted in various spots, tamped in expertly, and watered in all in about three hours. It was pretty impressive, as there were fifteen adult volunteers plus myself and two kids. I pretty much tried to just manage it all, by answering questions, telling where to plant things, and then learning a lot about how to do better with the vegetables that were there. That was really neat.

My breathing was a little short by the time I was done, but it was worth it, and my blow test isn't that far off the high, still. And, of course, I went home and planted some more. I added more onions, carrots, zucchini, spinach, and lettuce. I also dug in some compost and planted radishes since John didn't get around to it weeks ago. I'm not sure how they're going to do as we're really on the cusp of when the weather is going to really turn hot. It's been a really wet and cool May, and it was just in the forties just yesterday, but eighties in the previous week. Today started cool, got warm, and then, when I was out planting, I got sprinkled on, gently.

The birds are eating all my spinach. Grump. I thought I'd seen little plants come up, but then they were all gone again. So I suspect bird thefts. So I had John buy me more bird netting, and I put it all out today for the zucchini as well as the lettuce, spinach, and basil. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

I also went and got my allergy shots, which are starting to really wipe me out when I'm tired already. So I'm kind of just sitting here now, all happy and a little dazed from all the sunshine and work. It's a good daze, though not particularly conducive to writing something with a lot of structure or intensity. So I'm just happily rambling away here. Hee.

I am, indeed, finally stabilizing on my weight, but I am still losing pant sizes. The best thing about having a seven-year-old son is that when I accidentally forget my belt and my pants fall down in the house, all he does is laugh. It doesn't embarrass him at all. *giggles* ALL my summer stuff is way, way, way too big. The only thing saving any semblance of dignity on my part is a fifteen-year-old belt that I can now buckle, and it's already on the third hole (and I can do four of the five) when I couldn't even close it before (my regular belt doesn't have enough holes anymore). I'm ambivalent about buying anything as I'm still changing. But everything without belt loops or ties is now just... well... useless. Other than my J. Petermen outfits, but that's something else entirely as well. It's really, really funny when my Speedo swim suit feels baggy because... well, it's too big around the middle.

And with Florida in a week, I'm going to have to have some summer stuff... or maybe I'll buy some of it there, as it's probably at pretty good prices. Though Kohl's is having a summer sale today, too. So I might at least get some Bermudas or even the new knee-long pants/shorts/whatever the hell you now call them.
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