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It's kind of a two-edged sword when I finally get enough sleep again to dream again.  It's a mixed bag, because my dreams, when I've had enough sleep to really, really dream again, become all senses senstim, and I get put into full-blown plotted stories with stuff I'd never have... well... thought of, but, I guess I must dream of it because I do.

A few weeks ago, I'd asked akuni for permission to write the Thirteenth Division's half of Giving Ground and Regrouping.  She graciously granted it.  Admittedly I wasn't going to do any of the sexual stuff, and just have it be a military exercise on Ukitake's part as there's no Shunsui on the field, since that's my natural pairing for him.  And I put it on the back burner as I have way too much Twin Souls still to write and stark_black and I are doing stuff.

Of course, instead of serving up another chapter of Twin Souls like it used to do almost on a daily basis, my dream served up an all night running fight across the sands of Hueco Mundo. My Ukitake did all the good commander things, setting up defensible positions and an actual battle order with his folk.  And Grimmjow showed up as part of his Division now, as while Ichigo could win him over, managing him was an entirely different problem, and Ukitake managed to figure out a way.  Since Uliquorra could turn, I guess my dream brain said this was also a natural turncoat, too.  Of course the shit hits the fan (or the actual action hits the plan) and things go very, very, very, very bad.  And it being my story brain, my dream brain, a way is found, unexpected and complete, with something necessary (and fits with the HN and backstory arcs) that was nearly as sensual as what akuni wrote for Bya/Uliq, and I was crying when I woke up and scrabbling for paper and a pen.

I'll have to write it out.  I wrote it in my horrible handwriting into my dream journal to be sure I didn't forget.  But my hands are starting to hurt and I wanted to get some more prompts done before going on vacation, and there's so much ELSE to write.  And... and... and...

And anyone that ever asks me "how ever do you find ideas?" if I ever make it as a professional writer, I'm just going to have to laugh until I cry... and just say they seem to find me once I start looking.

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