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Some Tries and a Fail

stark_black was admiring some of my old ink paintings... and I felt like getting my hand back into it. 

Okay, the pictures are a little fuzzy... but some of the painting's a little fuzzy too. Got a little impatient and did some painting on still wet areas when I probably should have just let it dry and go. But I really like doing a painting in a "breath" the way it's supposed to be done...

Young and Old BambooYoung and Dead

I like the second one better, I think, than the first... with the old, broken-off, dead bamboo next to the pliant young one.

So this is the complete fail... as I didn't do nearly anything right. *laughter* But I'll get it eventually and this'll be fun to compare against. Didn't get the pine bark right, got impatient with the bark, didn't do the rock/mountain/cliff right at *ALL* and I have to go back to Torry Pines to see how the darn pine actually grow from the cliffs to have even a decent idea as to the angle on the roots and trunk. But.. it was a passing fancy and I had a little ink left. *grin*

The Fail
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