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Before starting the whole allergy series, I was breathing about a 330 on the flow meter on an average. After starting the meds, I went up to 370, but then fell to an average of 350. The "normal" maximum flow for a woman my height is around 488, so I was getting around the 70% or so the doctor was talking about. I've been conscientiously upping my exercise, paying more attention to aerobics, but also throwing in hard work like at the garden.

It seems to be paying off. Today, after riding to and fro from a rather lovely sushi dinner on our bikes, I blew a 430, that's 88%. I am having ups and downs, and the ups are correlating pretty closely to when I work pretty hard. But the best thing is that my lungs didn't feel that tight when Jet and I were riding. I was still a little breathless, so I still have room to improve. That is kind of cool, so I can fight this fight. It's a good thing to know.

This morning, John and I did the hardest part of using the Topsy Turvy planters, which is getting the tomato plants into the planters without destroying the plants themselves. The holes at the bottom of the planters are too narrow to fit most plants through from the top, so we shove the root balls up from the bottom. Because I have the more sensitive hands, I am the one that handles the plants. Well, okay, I'll admit to being a complete control freak and it's a lot better for me to get mad at myself for killing my plants than for me to get mad at John killing my plants.

We did them in pairs because the planter can easily handle the growth needs of two cherry or pear tomato plants. Last year, because all six plants got snapped off in a wind storm while we were on vacation, we ended up with only one plant in each planter, and the production rate as not nearly what I wanted. So six plants, with backups...

We did the first two with some of the usual difficulty as we also had to thread the stems through a foam plug at the base, which keeps the dirt in, but with fragile stems, it's a nightmare. My plants didn't work out nearly as well as they have the last two years; but nearly everyone that grew their plants from seed this year seemed to have equal difficulties, so I don't feel too bad. Then I have to keep supporting said stems while we start putting dirt around them and packing them in. We managed the first two, but my hands and arms were getting a little shaky. And on the third planter, I didn't catch a plant after putting it through, and snapped the stem right off the root ball. I was just heartbroken. Ah well.

We had others, and I used those, and we now have all three planters set. One of the tomato plants in the beds was really not doing very well, so John dug the area out, and we replanted it with another plant. I'll hope it does well, and we dug out the dirt. Everything is really saturated from a rain a few days ago. So John's half convinced that it's just too wet for the plants. He may well be right about the lower beds. We'll have to see. But the dirt was heavy clay and I wrestled the plant in, and then got some more zucchini in. We also had to repot a tropical plant that tipped over because it was heavier than its post and dirt.

After all that dirt wrestling it was lunch time, and I was exhausted. The boys went swimming, so I had some quiet time, and got another couple of prompts for June done. Tomorrow the flood of fic will start, and folks will be able to see what I've been hanging onto for the last month or so. That should be fun.

Jet and I played for a while when they came back so that John could have some time, too. And at dinner time the three of us got on our bikes and headed to Sakura. They had a new roll with mango, sweet peppers, tempura chicken, shrimp, rolled in cucumber, and a Special Sauce, a Big Mac kinda roll. *laughter* It was really nice and sweet for summer. It was plenty for me for dinner, especially with a few pieces of vegetable tempura, and the miso soup that Jet didn't drink. He ate all the tofu, though, so I couldn't complain.

When we rode back, I did my evening meds, and took the blow test and was happy. I'd gone down after the OUR Center garden day as the next day I was so sore I couldn't face doing anything the next day. But yesterday I'd ridden the exercise bike and did stuff today, so a series of days makes a difference, too.
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