Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

More Ceramics

Jon Singer came last night, bearing gifts.

Included among the gifts was telling me that the glaze of the near black tea cup from the last batch of pictures I had is made from the dirt from Neil Gaiman's backyard.

What he came with was this:

The Giftreflections

It's one of his latest. It amazes me with its gloss and those glowing colors at the top only really come out in sunlight. The depths to the thing just... astonish me.

Together, we wandered about and found a few pieces of his that I hadn't remembered were his, and some that I did remember.

One sideAnother Singer

Those were two flower vases we had on our mantle. The brown one seems to be the fourth piece he made in his first ceramics class. If you click, there's a few more pictures of each piece.

I also found more of the second or third generation teacups.


Below is a smaller tea cup with
Smaller cupInside

The one below has what looks like a bite out of it, and are all these opal colors. I love it a lot and use it quite a lot as well. It fits very nicely in the hand.
98 tea cupInside taller tea cup

But the best part of the visit was sitting and talking with him for a while and then ending up with Jet and Jon out in the rock beds around the yard looking for feldspar and quartz in the darkening evening. We were just sitting out there, looking at rocks and talking about them and what Jon does with them and it was peaceful and fun and wonderful.

It is always cool to have Jon come visit.
Tags: art, simplicity
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