Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Losing the Days...

Yesterday was fishing out on the sea. Jet caught five fish, kept one, and the sixth one is now the source of The One that Got Away stories as it really was nearly three feet long and the mates on the ship actually grabbed the fishing rod away from Jet because he was about to lose the gear as the fish was pulling so hard. And the thing ran around six other lines of folks that didn't get their gear out of the way fast enough, tangled up with all the other lines and then snapped the hook right off the 150 pound test line.

Yeesh. But Jet kept the teeth from the first fish he caught as it snapped at him when they had it out of the water, and he remembered it and ate it for his dinner yesterday night. The best revenge one might think.

Today was $100 off our hotel stay for doing a two hour timeshare with Hyatt talk. It was pretty interesting, and if we often spent money on $300-400 a night hotel rooms rather than $80 Super 8's and camping out in our van or staying at the grandparents' in La Jolla and Seattle, it would have been worthwhile. But we don't often stay at $400 a night resorts. And then it's usually only after I'm sick and tired of campsites and $80 beds, and just about ready to strangle someone, or when work sent us out on a prize or something. So, no, not for 20 years' worth of vacations. Thank you.

We spent the afternoon on a glass bottom boat finding fish in the coral beds on the other side of the island as the water around the grand reefs around here (3rd largest in the world) were under water too stirred up to see.

Then we took an hour and a half train tour all over the old town side of the island and learned more about the history than we ever knew, and I have enough notes to make for a good Hemingway, Key West fic. *laughter* That would really bemuse me a lot, I think, if I had the guts to do it. Maybe I would just call it fiction, rather than a fic if I did do it.

We ate at a Cuban restaurant right in Old Town (really great picadillo, ropas de resta, and Cuban roast pork with Yuca, plantains, and black beans), stopped at a British shop for plain chocolate Hob Nobs, and ended up at "Better than Sex" a dessert restaurant that opened just three weeks ago and was completely full. Jet had fun reading the menu and was really good at transliterating all the unusual words. He said, "Butter than Six" for the signature dessert, and the waiter played with us nicely, as Jet got a root beer float and we got the "Butter than Six", which was a bread pudding like thing, but with almond bread, chocolate cream for the "pudding", deep, dark cherries studded through, and bitter sweet chocolate laced through the rest. It was absolutely fantastic.

Though it would have been much better if there were actually any decaf coffee, tea, water, or non-alcoholic drinks to have with them. Gah. They had run out of far too many things.

Got back to the hotel later than I wanted, but I needed to dump my brain, so I'm out writing. Tomorrow I have no idea where we'll end up, so I thought I'd update while I had the chance. We have a plan involving shipwrecks, maybe a light house, and probably a beach or two, swimming, and driving wherever we get to before we stop for dinner and a place to sleep.

It was gratifying to get nearly 40 emails with various comments on various fics lately. *happy sigh* Thanks folks.

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