Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Fanfic: A Good Idea

Title: A Good Idea
Fandom: Zombie Powder
Author: liralen
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 375
Summary: The partners get in trouble again, and come up with another good idea.
A/N:Prompt was: Gamma Akutabi/C.T. Smith, partners - "Actually, that's quite a good idea." for springkink. Many thanks to shadowgirl1605 for initial brainstorming.

Gamma felt C.T. Smith at his back, the smell of burnt gunpowder, hot metal, and burnt gun oil was all around them. There were bodies everywhere, sprawled in various positions around the duo, still dressed in natty 20's gangster suits. His own blade vibrated and sang as he swung, jumped, and slaughtered the minions of Big Daddy Shark that crowded in all around them.

The two worked in sweet tandem, each taking the others back as they twisted, fought, and whirled. Smith's bullets taking out the gangsters trying to shoot Gamma with Tommy guns; Gamma making short work of those that tried to get in close to gut Smith.

Big Daddy Shark roared, "You idiots!! Just shoot them both!!"

"Hm," Smith said.

"Hm, what?" Gamma said, not liking the thoughtful tone of his partner's hum.

"Well, I thought it was a good idea," Smith said.

"What was a good idea, Smith?" Gamma asked as he caught bullets from said minions.

"The explosives," Smith said, maddeningly, as he cheerfully shot another dozen idiots who hadn't found a speck of cover in the concrete hideout.

Big Daddy Shark rushed the two, metal jaws gnashing and clashing. Gamma slashed and dodged as Smith fired at the tiny fins underneath as he neatly rolled to the other side. Big Daddy Shark roared and leapt, teeth-first, for Gamma, and got a black fist right through his teeth for his trouble. A quick slash of the vibrating blade and that was that.

"What explosives, didn't we agree that you never use explosives again?" Gamma bit out.

Smith shrugged. "But how else do we get into the vault?"

Gamma growled, leaped over to said vault, and brought his blade down hard, right through the metal door. The Ring of the Dead sat on a stand in the middle of the now open room. He grabbed the ring in his black hand.

"Oh," Smith said. "Uhm..."

"Run," was all Gamma said, and suited action to word.

Explosions started going off all around them. Gamma just shook his head, Smith never was that good at gaging just how much to use.

"Actually," Smith said with a smile and a ♥ as his long legs ate up the distance to the exit, "that's quite a good idea."

Tags: fanfic, writing

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