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Old Habits

It's fun going back to my old journal and seeing how and what I used to write, too.

Today was good. John went off to a conference really early this morning, so Jet had me all to himself all day and didn't want to give me up for anything. It was rather nice.

For breakfast I made British style pancakes, I think that genitiggie gave me the recipe a long time ago. They're nearly crepes, and I made myself a latte while making the pancakes and it was all really, really good with chestnut cream, lime curd, lemon curd, and guava jam a sprinkling of sugar and Jet added a pinch of salt, and we were good for a good hour of watching Postman Pat eating and talking.

I was really, really happy when the person that made my prompt for today on springkink actually spoke up and said they loved what I did with the Zombie Powder prompt. *laughter* That was very, very good.

We played one level of Crash of the Titans and then we went out and did errands. Mailed r0ck3tsci3ntist a package, got my shots, and did a few other things like get packing tape and a mailing tube. We ended up getting lunch later than usual, but we got it, went home, ate it, and went swimming together!

Swimming was good. It was sunny, windy and wonderful. Jet wanted me to jump in with him to start, but I just... couldn't. *laughter* It was too cold for me to do it. But I managed to get in as he jumped off at the deep end and came right to me. The lifeguards at our neighborhood pool know him well enough to not yell at me for letting him do that, as most of the kids have to have a parent with them when they're in the deep end. But Jet really is good at swimming, and he took the length of the pool and was laughing when he got to me.

We swam back and forth, did "Follow the Leader" instead of tag, and then he had me get out of the pool and jump into the deep end like seven or eight times. Then we threw a ball back and forth a lot. Jet is getting quite an arm, and making me do better with mine. That was a lot of fun.

We stayed an hour and a half, and we were both a little wobbly by the time we got back to the house. We showered, played a little more Crash, and then went to Noodles for dinner. Jet ate most of a Regular sized buttered noodle, and half a plate of tofu. I had the Japanese pan noodles and beef.

We then went to the RedBox and got Jet a disk of SpongeBob (we don't have Nick any more) and then went to Diary Queen and had sundaes together, just sitting on the curb and eating and talking.

We then went home, and Jet watched his SpongeBob while I tried to write and got nearly no where I wanted to get on the stories I wanted to do something with.

And then it was time to get Jet into bed, and, as usual, when he was in his pajamas, he plopped himself into my lap. "Momma, I need to warm up. Hug me!"

So I hugged him all up, all skinny seven-year-old knees, elbows, and long limbs. It was really, really nice to just hold him like that. He snuggled in and we talked a bit more and we were both pretty happy. He warmed up nicely, and thanked me and then went on to brush his teeth, floss, and then get ready for bed.

This won't last long, either, but I'll cherish it while I can.

Bah. I keep missing my evening dose of meds. I need to really fix that.
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