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Summer Time

I seem to have turned brown for the summer. All the time outside in Florida gave us all a jump-start on the summer tanning, I guess, and even though we still do the 20 SPF every time we go out, we seem to stay just as brown or get even browner. Jet's all nut brown but for the nearly shocking paleness of his palms and the bottoms of his feet.

We had baked pancakes (Dutch babies, I think they're called at the Original Pancake House) for breakfast and Jet ate an entire two-egg pancake himself and then begged more off of mine as well. With lemon curd, soy sauce, and other stuff and he inhaled and it was all gone.

He watched Sponge Bob: Pest of the West while I did stuff. And then we went out and got more meds for me, went to the library where we found out he couldn't have his prizes until the 20th of June, and we both borrowed a few books. His granny had sent him an Ogden Nash poem-story that she'd read to him while she was here in April, and we found the book at the library nearly by accident. That was cool.

I borrowed Emma Bull's Territory for the third time. This time I may actually read it. Then we went home, had some lunch, and went swimming because Tanner and Macy were still not home, yet, and Jet's been looking forward to seeing them for the last three days.

So swimming was good, as Chris was there, and Jet got to play with him a lot. We eventually went home, showered, and then Tanner called to say that he was home. So Jet went over there, then came back and the three boys battled up and down the house with Nerf weaponry and didn't quite kill each other, though they tried pretty hard. When I called a time out, they all stopped and ate cheese pizza together, nicely, and put all their plates and cups into the dish washer when I asked. I'm happy enough with that.

It's good to have play dates. I actually finished a fic I was anxious about, in part in thanks to a chance comment by zangetsugirl off someone else's zanpakutou prompt. I'm so happy with it, too, I'm amazed. I went nearly three-quarters of the way through it going, this is good flow, I like what I've written, but I can't get the last part of the prompt in until... oh! That's how. And it slipped into place like a hot knife through butter... and I was like wow. It fit. Beautifully even.

mysocalledhell did a swift beta of it, and pronounced it perfect. So I'm happy.

More Twin Souls happened, but I'm at a very hard knot in a particular scene. incandescens did two beautiful little fics on springkink from prompts I'd made. One was a lovely interchange between backflash arc Yoruichi and Byakuya, the other started with a conversation about my TS Kuchiki Kaoru between Ukitake and Byakuya and went somewhere unexpected and very intriguing. I loved her take on Byakuya and was really inspired by the fact that Kaoru came across so clearly that her reflection of him sang true to me, too.

The latter left me a bit more inspired to keep going through the next chapter of Twin Souls, along with some initial WIP sketches by r0ck3tsci3ntist as well.

It's really neat to see other people inspired by what I've done. Even neater to be able to play off what other people do as well, and get the muses going by dipping into other wells. And I'm utterly grateful that this is in a far more controlled environment than the 20+ author full-out cyberpunk fiction I helped coordinate in the Chatsubo; but there are now inklings of the same dynamic of playing off each other than I loved about doing that.
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