Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Funny clothing

I found myself on the scale, Saturday morning, and found myself at a weight I haven't been at since I broke my ACL several years ago. I guess while John and Jet were sick I managed to lose weight or something...

It's funny 'cause my only ambition for Saturday was to rest and do *something* outside of the house. John came up with a plan to see a Kosher Deli, and then sprung 'Why don't we go to Suavecito's?" on me. I bounced about and beamed. It's been more than a year when we went there while I was really pregnant and couldn't try the suits on, and John bought a whole setup for himself. He wore it to the company party. I envied that he could.

So we did! And I followed marith's long-time-ago observation. I did try on a gorgeous purple and really brilliant red suit; but I finally settled on the silver one, with purple highlights, i.e. the purple silk tie and handkerchief. I still have to find an amethyst shirt to go with them. We did get the watch chain, the slender, shiny shoes, suspenders, hat and everything! Yay! So now if I re-dye my hair purple, it'll go really nicely.

I am always amused that my clothing consists entirely of t-shirts, sweats, shorts, jeans, two multi-hundred dollar suits and a blue velvet ballgown.


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