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Tried my hand at a chryshanthemum and a combination painting of a bamboo and orchid. I'd been doing the two because there's a painting my parents gave me a while back and I'll probably never *get* it, but it's fun to try...

Originally uploaded by Liralen Li.
Orchid and Bamboo
Orchid and Bamboo
Originally uploaded by Liralen Li.

The chrysanthemum is a sloppy rendition of the classical "outline and color" techniques of Chinese paintings. I wanted something quicker, and easier, so used a pretty highly sized watercolor paper instead of the usual really absorbent "rice paper"... so-called rice paper because it's not made out of rice at all.

But... it was fun to do and it turned out where the head of the flower really felt right, so I kind of like it.

The bamboo and orchid isn't right, but it's a start, and I'm getting there on how I really want to place the leaves versus the plant and how they all are going to fit and if I really want to do poetry I'd better start practicing the calligraphy for the poetry... It's more of a long-term project and trying a lot of different things is only going to make it work out a bit better, I think...

I am still getting used to working with the long vertical instead of having to work with a horizontal. Well, not to mention that my brush control is still not nearly where I want it to be, especially for an outlining project.

I love with the outlining things that the traditional ink pretty much dries waterproof, so I can layer on the colors afterwards without worrying about spreading of any sort. There's a lot I can do with multiple levels of ink colors, too, rather than the really traditional just black outline and then fill in with stuff.

I'm contemplating a plum blossom painting for calmingeffects with just the black outlining and then getting a shot of that and the filling in the blushes of color for the blossoms to take full advantage of the possibilities for that. But I'm trying to figure out if it should just be a single branch, a full tree, or what...

And if it's a full tree, I know Shunsui's tree is kind of calling to me, very quietly...
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