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Thoughts and Anime and Painting

Jet and I are done with Sakura and it was very satisfying to see all of it and understand that CLAMP can, indeed, write happy endings, too.  I was too traumatized by X1999, I think, and by some of the things happening in xxxHolic and Tsubasa RC.

I'm finding that Death Note is also a slower read.  I need to think through some of the things that happen, what I really think about them.

Watching Samuri Champloo is a kick. Thank you, r0ck3tsci3ntist, for introducing me to those two swordsmen and the wonderfulness that is Fuu. She's so sweet and strong and funny and smart. And, wow does Jin make a beautiful woman.

I've been watching Mushi-shi in slow, thoughtful pieces.  I can only handle one or two at a time. And they always make me want to paint again, as the backgrounds and villages that Ginko goes through are always so beautiful, so picturesque.

What's really cool is that my Mom called me to tell me that she saw my paintings and that she was really proud of me doing them, and that she and Dad like 'em a lot. That was really cool.

It is funny to me, though, that it's anime and manga that really touch off my need to paint. But Mushi-shi really touches that off with its own art. I will probably buy all the disks of Mushi-shi just for myself to hang onto and use for inspiration.

There was the episode about the painter and his Mountain... and now I want to paint that mountain. I know it's going to just haunt me, along with the shadows of the trees at night under the full moon that were in the sky girl episode. I actually know how to do that, too... with the background washes and the shapes of those branches and leaves. And that sakura branch on the paper screen the painter painted, I know how to do that gold background and the white and pink glowing over gnarled branches. Now it's going to haunt me until I paint it all.

Except that my brain and fingers are itching, begging to paint the Mountain on good, thick silk. I even have the dyes I could do it with and fix it with the steaming techniques I'm already using for my fiber arts. I've already worked on 12 foot banners in dye on silk, and the techniques they used were because they didn't have the kind of brush control that's now mine. To actually use the painting as the liner for a men's haori I need to reline would be just too cool.

And I just bought Bare silk and wool "sock yarn" as well as the pre-knit blank for dyeing a different kind of sock yarn in a different tradition and technique.  Jet loves dyeing, so we may do that, first, but if I have the greens and browns and shades of gray I want for that mountain... I may have a go at that, as well.  There's going to be another tie dye party and Dharma Trading Company sells the silks, cheap, and since the host of the party is buying blanks from them anyway...
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