Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Catching Up

I've gradually been catching up with life since the camping trip. Just reading, knitting, playing Okami with Jet. Yeah, it's like the seventh time I'm playing Okami all the way through, and it's fun to do again. Inspiring for painting, too. I need to take pictures of the ink painting I've been doing, and I need to do more.

Neat thing is that this time through Jet's playing most of it, and I get to knit on his sweater. I'm already done with the body and shoulders and am doing the sleeves. Kid sweaters are faaast.

Also, I've been spending too much time on IM, and my upper body and hands have been telling me that if I don't at least cut down, I'm going to get the buzzies and the numb hands again. So I'm backing off a bit. Folks that have been used to seeing me on IM, I'm sorry. I'm not going cold turkey, but I will be cutting down on my time, significantly. *sigh* Writing doesn't mess with my hands nearly as badly as the quick response needs of IM, just so you know. *hugs*

It's been freeing some of my time up for other stuff.

I spent a couple of days on Chapter 20, and I was very happy with how it turned out. And today I started actually, physically, plotting out the plot and everything that has to happen to get to the end. I used my pencil and graph paper and started just placing all the things that I wanted to happen not just in the story but what else was happening at the same time. It's all been in my head up to this point, so I thought I'd actually start writing things done, and it was kind of startling to figure out there's really five parallel things going on, if I consider everything. It was also startling to know that I have the next clump of chapters firmly in my head, but then it gets kind of fuzzy until the end. And most startling of all was getting five pages of really dense stuff and having to it lengthwise on the paper rather than widthwise, as I had so many things going on at once.

The ending is now crystal clear in my head, and so I just started there and started ticking off all the things I really need to get there... and it's fun to see what I really want. It really helped me fill in the other plot lines that aren't being shown in the story, except through the forces that touch just peripherally on the students in the Academy. It would be funny to write this entirely again from another viewpoint... but there are now a couple of points I really want to make with Daisuke again, so that might be fun.

Caught up with the latest chapter of Bleach, xxxHolic, and Tsubasa RC and loved them all for entirely different reasons. Seeing all of Ichigo's folks up and powerful again was sweet. xxxHolic was as subtle and graced as ever. Tsubasa was so *cute*. I loved seeing kid Yukito and Toya being his usual self. Hee. It was lovely.

Starting to get a few chapters into Death Note, Naruto, and Loveless even as I'm reading Jim Butcher's latest Dresden Files book Small Favor. I love Dresden. *grin* It's definitely the act as fast as you can method of dealing with adversaries.

When I think I'm moving Jyuushiro and Shunsui too fast, I read one of the Dresden books and realize I haven't even touched on how fast things can move, develop and change. Yeesh.

Ever since being up on the mountain, I've really started going hard at the exercise. Pretty much biking and/or swimming every day. As expected, since I started really exercising, just before Florida, I've gained weight between that appointment and now, but it's only been two pounds out of the fifteen I've lost. And those size 10 Levi's I was so proud of fitting into before Florida? Well, they literally fell off my butt while we were camping. I had forgotten a belt as I'd assumed the pants were going to fit and stay on. But I guess my butt and thighs are condensing or something, and I was bent over to get something and I had to hastily drop it and pull my pants up or else I would have had all the 5 through 9-year-olds on the floor over Jet's momma losing *her* pants the way Jet lost his. Yeesh.

So it's been a pretty cool couple of days.
Tags: health, knitting, life, manga
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