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Fic Requests and Queue

This is a post that contains all the things I want to write with respect to fan fiction. It's mostly for me to keep track of stuff and so folks can see what I'm thinking about doing. Obviously, I'm still writing Twin Souls, but it's easier to motivate myself if I get some small stuff done, too.

I seem to write like I knit... one HUGE project always brewing and lots of little projects to keep my hand in on feeling like I'm finishing something.

I'll strike them out as I write 'em and you can go to my fanfic page to find them when they're done.

Bleach Fanfics

And, yeah, stark_black and I are working on the Ukitake/Hisagi as we're able, the summer's just proven busier than either of us have liked.

Samurai Champloo -- Something. *laughs* Anyone with a prompt for me?? Ldesu of Y!Gallery came up with a great set of prompts for this.
Naruto -- Itachi/Kakashi -- prompt - battle sex. lookingback.
Tsubasa RC -- Angsty pwp Kurogane/Fai(pushy) prompt: "First time", for stark_black.
Saiyuki -- Hakkai and Gojyo pairing. Thanks ginnyvos for reminding me. This'll wait until I'm done with the manga.
Saiyuki -- Sanzo/Hakkai-*thinks I'll get shot for this one* I'm only happy when it rains. For mysocalledhell
Saiyuki/Bleach -- Tenpou/Byakuya actually *having* that traditional tea moment. (Notify SethMaxell when done)
Immer and Tommy fic -- for gogoangelboy's Downed*Angel OC, set in the Big Easy.
Saiyuki/Bleach crossover -- Byakuya/Hakkai in a traditional tea moment for 2metaldog
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -- "any characters, aftermath of a battle." for zangetsugirl

I keep wanting to do some from the various anime: Samurai Champloo, Saiyuki, and Ghost in the Shell maybe mixed with Neuromancer but that might be an OC.

If you have a really strong request that you really want me, and only me to write, go ahead and leave a comment. I won't promise anything, but if it really catches my fancy... I might indulge.
Tags: fanfic, writing
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