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Home Again Home Again

We're home. 400 miles in a shot to the West and South.

It's hot. *sigh* The house got hot while we were away, no duh. But by arriving in the evening we're letting it cool off before going to sleep. I got my best pictures up. It's just 64 this time, not 400+.

Last night, when I was asleep, I dreamed of the whole earth rumbling and crashing and cracking wide open with a sound that went on and on and on... and then I was awake. It was a thunderstorm, and the thunder started rolling, booming, and crashing. It went on and on and on... and I guess it rained in sheets as when we got out to the car, the seats were all damp.

The drive was just... a drive. The Passat hit 150,000 miles. It's still getting 50+ mpg, so it'll do. We take good care of our cars, I guess, and it takes great care of us.

We stopped at a local drive-in food place for lunch and got shakes, burgers, and fries. It says something that I don't actually remember having had a strawberry shake where I got chunks of strawberries in it. It was good.

I did the whole Interstate run of it all, as I like freeway driving, and as we got to Mead, which is a few tens of miles from home, I-25 went to a stand-still because of construction and it being a Friday in the summer. Everyone gets going here on summer weekends. So, it being Colorado, we just took the exit before the slowdown and headed vaguely West (towards the mountains) and South and hit state route 66 easily and took it home.

The Weld County roads are in a grid, every mile there's a road whether you need it or not and the north-south ones are numbered odd and the east-west ones are even. It's what you can do when you have a square state/county and the land is flat up before the mountains and there are no natural features to get in the way.

We got home, unpacked, got some groceries, ate at home, and now I'm gradually catching up. I'll probably sleep like the dead tonight, and get to actually doing stuff again tomorrow.

It was a very, very fine little vacation. Now all we need to do is rest up. *laughter*
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