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John and I got a rare chance to go out to a movie yesterday when Jet went off on a birthday party where they took him to the ballpark and they got to see a Rockie's Game. So we picked Hancock.

I would not say it was Epic.

*laughs* But it was fun. We enjoyed it and the off-beat comicbook sensibility. Will Smith makes a very good Lost Boy. Charlize Theron was a lot of fun to watch.

I liked the idea of the bad boy finally running into a possible reason to make good, and how *lost* he looks when he first does the really right thing. And how that goes on.

Odd to be so vulnerable when one is invulnerable. I liked the emotional parts of it. But there wasn't any saving of the world, no *good* bad guys, all the bad guys were pretty pathetic. The saving was only, really, of themselves. So it was rather self-absorbed from beginning to end. Still... it was fun.

The Thai food we got at Siamese Plate was wonderful, and the ripe mango on sticky rice was a real treat. They had a good pumpkin curry and an excellent Chicken massaman curry that I adored. And after we got home, I got to post the fic and Jet didn't come home until bed time, so it was nice to have the time.
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