Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Fan Girl SQEEEEE!!

OMG! The vice-captains aren't just being kept in "detention"!!! Shuuhei and Kira get to fight, too!! *dance about in mad exuberance*

I'm looking forward to how Ulquiorra and Ichigo go toe-to-toe. Should be a blast.

I read through all the first Saiyuki series and am like... What it ends in the middle of the journey??? Growph. I guess I guess to buy the second series, too, when there's a TokyoPop sale at RightStuf. There is actually quite a lot of relationship stuff to chew on in the first set of books, and I really like the manga for the art and story, much faster than watching all the anime.

Got to see the fourth episode of Samurai Champloo and like the fact that each episode takes some digesting. There's a lot of depth and grace and character points in each of them. I love that.

I was really, really, really happy when the gangster leader was holding a knife to the boy's throat going, "Don't you care what happens to this boy?"

And Mugen said, "Hell no." And just went for the attack. That just seemed... so him. I have no idea why.
Tags: anime, manga, review

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