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A Really Interesting UK "Brain Sex" Test

Nabbed from rowanf's journal. It's a "Sex ID Test". I like the fact that the results tell you when the results are inconclusive along with the ones where they find things to be more conclusive.

I am highly amused that I scored 50 on the male side, right where your average guy would be, though with the spatial rotation questions, I scored 100%.

If you want to take the test, you should probably do it before seeing my results.

For the angles tests I just got 14 out of 20.

I was completely lost in the "Spot the difference" test: 14%
women's average for it is 46%! men's average is 39%

Dominant Hand: Seems I've flipped to right-brained. Interesting article on why right-brainers might be better fighters and artists. But... I'm still right-handed, which is what bemuses me about this test. I think I'm right-handed, anyway, though I've fought left-handed and written left-handed, and most of my typing is left-handed dominant (stupid qwerty keyboards). I dunno... the article does call out the fact that left-handed fighting always has the advantage that most people don't meet that many left-handers, including the left-handed. I always loved that on our fencing team we had three of us that could be lefty, it's likely why we placed in the state championships even though we were probably the smallest program that entered.

Emotions and Systems: 12 out of 20 on empathy, 19 out of 20 on Systemising (no duh)

Identifying moods through just the eyes: 8 out of 10 (surprised me) average score for everyone: 6.6 out of 10

Index finger:Ring finger ratio: right:.96 left: .97 men's average: .982 women's average .991 It's interesting to think that I might have had more testosterone in the womb than average. It would just make so much sense.

Face attraction: I seem to prefer more feminine faces on guys. Uhm... yeah, I knew that.

3D Shape rotation: 12 out of 12.

Word Associations: 20 words total, average is 11.4 for men, 12.4 for women...
... huh. I guess I've been writing a lot lately. Yeesh.

Ultimatum: £35 *laughs and laughs* I guess I'm too used to negotiating a bargain by starting halfway away from where I want to end up.

I'm not all that sure what it means, though some seem to have a pretty clear correlation (not cause and effect thing), and some of the tests are really interesting on how I can mess it up or not. It's pretty clear, though, that Jet gets the spatial stuff from me as well as from John, so that's kind of interesting. Though it only brings up more interesting thoughts, for me at least, about how the in vitro environment really does affect the baby as it grows.

Just 'cause one might have the same genetic material doesn't mean one might have the same characteristics if the in vitro environment is different. Which is likely why all the genetically identical piglets that were grown in two different mothers (and in their own place within those mothers) were all different when they came out: different colors, shapes, and personalities.
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