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Fanfic: Aftermath

Title: Aftermath
Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (YEAH!)
Characters: All four brothers, Casey and April
Prompt: "any characters, aftermath of a battle." by zangetsugirl
Rating: PG - bad language
Word Count: 299
Summery: The turtles pick themselves up again after a fight.

The dust was still flying when April's van pulled up, battered and running rough from the collision with the gate.

Leo shook his head of the last defiant echos of the Rat King's departure, and went over to Donatello who was getting up, groggily.

April came running and Leo started looking for Casey. They all found him sprawled against a dented wall with cracks running all the way up to the ceiling. His baseball bats were still in his hands.

"Emergency services got called two minutes ago," April said while she checked her watch. "Not much time."

She cracked a vial of smelling salts and Leo found himself flinching from the sharp odor even as Casey moaned and tried to ward off the sinus-biting reek with the handles of his bats. He missed.

"Leo, I need help getting this off Mikey," Don sounded desperate. "His shell held, but..."

But there was probably half a ton of building concrete and steel pinning their normally upbeat brother. Don placed a fulcrum and they used both their weights on the i-beam to lever the mass off Mikey. It rolled and fell with a near slow-motion crash, and more concrete dust flew everywhere.

Don thumped Mikey's shell and Mikey coughed, "Heeey. Oh, that was so totally bogus... throwing halfa buidin' on me 'steada hittin' me himself. Yeesh."

April was half-carrying Casey to the van, and Don followed with Mikey.

Raph, where was Raph?

He found Raph in a pool of his own blood. "Aw damnit, Rafe, do you always have to play this hard?"

One eye opened, rolled in disgust at the question, and then closed again.

Leo had to laugh, and he picked up his brother and hauled his ass to the van just as the sirens started to wail closer.

They'd done it again: won and lived to never tell another soul about it.
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