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Jet read "Boulder Running Company" on the side of a store, and asked what it was for.  We asked him what he thought it was for.  "Hmmmm... a company that runs Boulder?" he said, quite reasonably.

We all thought that would be a better company for the name than a running equipment store.

On Sunday, after church, Jet went to the pastor's house to play with their three boys for the afternoon, so John and I went and saw The Dark Knight. It was fantastic. Everyone had such great reviews of it, and it was everything I'd wanted of it and even more. Heath Ledger's Joker was just... perfect. Utterly, ravingly perfect. I loved Morgan Freeman in his part and Michael Caine as Alfred was probably the most perfect match I've ever seen for that character.

As for the plot, I needed this story, the way it was in this movie, now. For lots of reasons, perhaps some of which we all share. But it was really, really good.

And ross_teneyck was right.

It was fun to watch the initial vectors be exactly the same as it was in the book. The same building of the pressures against Batman's integrity as the Joker escalates and escalates and escalates because he had no rules, no sense of what should or shouldn't be done. The scenes were different, but the texture, the taste, the frustrations were all the same. The feeling of being pushed to a breaking point was utterly fantastic.

And then it KEPT GOING. Where the old story just shattered, this one... held.

And the ending, oh, gods the ending was utterly perfect and enforced by the regular people in the two ferries and the one convict (I watched the credits and the guy's name is Tiny!! It's so perfect!!) that did what should have been done at the very beginning.

THAT was the heroic moment for me, that convict's words and actions. The rest was just the black icing on the Batman cake. *laughs*
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