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Whew... A Day

Yay! amberley is here safe. I did the drive to get him, and we hit the Moonlight Diner on the way home as well as Borders where he bought me Cory's Little Brother and recommended a new Vernor Vinge. I'm probably not going to be much use for anything on lj or writing or anything through to Tuesday. Sorry folks that are still waiting on drabble requests... I'll get to them, I promise.

Got up this morning, managed breakfast, got amberley settled for breakfast, and then took a 5 mile ride on the exercise bike while reading a book amberley had recommended: Rainbow's End: A novel with one foot in the future by Vernor Vinge, while the boys were out doing Home Depot stuff and the Farmer's Market. Showered, and then niherlas showed up and I made lunch, short ribs, roasted corn that the boys had bought, and some rice to fill in for Jet. We had a great lunch together. It was the first time that amberley and niherlas had met, though they'd played in a Shadowrun game together nearly 20 years ago. *laughs*

Then they and Jet and I all went down in the basement where there was a pile of Lego debris and all our Playstation 2 games piled up everywhere, and it provided the perfect, random terrain to play "Mechaton" together. amberley refereed while the other three of us built mecha out of Lego and then demolished each others mechas in a race to the Nuclear Rocket in the center of the field of debris. Each capability of a mecha was embodied in a Lego piece on the robot. So when a robot was damaged, the pieces were left at the site of the hit. It was inch-scale movement, and long, medium, and short range weaponry, and what was really, really cool was that at the very end of the the game, Jet made the decision and made the shot that allowed the three of us to have a three-way tie in the final scoring.

Heh. Otherwise I'd have won. I love war games. *laughter*

Jet really made some interesting decisions during the game play, and once he got how the mechanics were working he started making some really cool thoughts about what he could or couldn't do and what was important and what wasn't.

That was a lot of fun. And I finally get the mechanics by having played them, the reading of them made it a lot harder than it seemed, but having gone through the workings of it Jet and I can have our own battles, now.

Then the four of us and John played three full rounds of "Apples to Apples Jr." and everyone seemed to enjoy it very much. That was cool.

Then we all went to Boulder and had dinner at the Med. Jet loved his pizza and everyone else loved their tapas. I had capriese salad, some falafel, milk roasted garlic with balsamic jam and Gorgonzola on toast, and half an order of spanakopita with pepper sauce and slow cooked greens. Very nice. John had figs wrapped in bacon, an olive thing, and a lovely salmon salad with fresh berries and other beauties. And niherlas shared some beautiful melon wrapped in paper thin slices of prosciutto. Gosh that was lovely. amberley had a salad wrap that he really enjoyed. So it was a win all around.

We walked a while and went to the Boulder Bookstore and then hit Ben and Jerry's. Yum.

Then it was time to get home, and I was able to catch up on a few things, and then got to play Okami for amberley to see the Pretty while John was kind enough to actually do the laundry and now it's way past time to sleep. Hee.
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