Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

More snow this morning

There is another two inches this morning, it makes the world so's a wet snow, good for snowballs and snowmen. There's supposed to be another two inches tonight. Spring...

Of course, yesterday morning it was 60+ and Jet was playing outside on the swing set at Joan's with Haley. They had a great time.

I came across a huge pot of pink jasmine at the Home Depot the other night, and since Jet kept trying to grab the sprays, I finally, regretfully, had to put it back. Luckily, I now know that it's an annual event, the appearance of live jasmine in the Home Depot in January/February/March as that's when the jasmine blooms and fills the area with the fragrance. It was nearly overpowering, too, but oh so nice. Anyway... I'll get some when I don't have to worry about a boy pulling it down and eating it.

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