Surf and Zoo

Spent most of the day at the San Diego Zoo today, and it was worth it even in the heat and sun. Spent most of yesterday surfing old memories as we dealt with being here in the height of tourist season.

We took a while getting started yesterday. After the last couple of weeks I finally fell over and I've been sleeping ten to twelve hours a night. It's been good. Especially since Dad is letting me use his computer enough that I don't feel complete cold turkey withdrawal, but it's slow enough I don't do anything extensive.

Kathy took us to the La Jolla Shores Sandwich shop and we all had our lunches to start, and I had one of their roast lamb sandwiches with cucumbers, tahini sauce, and plenty of feta. It was delicious. Then we tried to park at La Jolla Shores and the huge parking lot was completely full and packed. There was also Pacific Beach, which we had to go around the peninsula to find, but on the way I remembered that there was a small beach I used to go to at lunch time from the high school.

Yeah. Right. La Jolla High School. I'd moved there my senior year, after having moved every three years for most of my life, it wasn't a big deal, friendships weren't made to be kept, really, and cliques were a don't care for me by then. But I went from being AP girl, top 99th percentile girl to realizing I could have a whole new face, and given tht LJHS didn't have math or physics to my level, I spent half my day at UCSD and the other half in PE, AP English that I'd already done, and the common US History and SS class that everyone had to have to graduate.

The common class fascinated me, and I hung out with the Hispanics and blacks that were bussed in and the geek kids that were smart enough to game with them and exchange comicbooks with them. It was the white kids that played with 'em that got shit-faced drunk when the teacher was plastered, and since I had a car, I just shrugged and drove everyone safely home around my calculus and physics classes.

When the handsomest Bad Boy of our class got dumped right before prom, there's a *reason* why he chose to have me on his arm for the party. *laughs* Not that we kept up after that, but it was an amusing sort of social coup at the time.

And, sometimes, I'd play hooky with 'em and go to the beach.

It's a beautiful little swimming beach surrounded by rocks to either side. The swimming side is clear, but there's a strong southern current that will pull you into the rocks if you're not careful. To the north there's a nice little cove that Jet and John found and Jet dug away in the sand for a good hour or two and then suddenly, he got a taste for sitting on the sand while the rock-tossed waves came in to hit him, slide him back a good couple of yards and then he'd giggle like mad. John's a really strong swimmer and with him with Jet, I was okay with the game. Especially when Jet wouldn't let the waves drag him *out* into the rocks.

But it was beautiful there, with the waves and the surfers careful not to come all the way in, the sea lions sunning themselves, and the water hitting the rocks for beautiful sprays in all directions.

I swam a bit in the swimming side. John got a swim in as well while I just dug with Jet. Kathy got some rest in the sun. There wasn't the tourist every foot as it was mostly just locals out for a weekend swim. The water was relatively warm, cool and solid and I always forget how well I float in sea water until I'm out in it and I don't have to *do* anything to stay on the surface, unlike in a pool.

It was wonderful.

Jet lost a baseball cap in the surf when he got brave with John and they went in a bit too deep for even his courage. We stood in the pounding surf over the rocks for a bit, looking for it, and I saw it for just two waves, but it was right on a ridge of rock. Finally, we wrote it off as an offering to the ocean gods, and that was enough to let go. Sadly, it was a baseball cap that Kathy had brought back for Dad from Antarctica.

Yeah, that's another story.

Today was the Zoo. Went there with Mom and Dad and they went home when they were tired. Kathy joined us after lunch.

We wandered all over the place. Hippos, tigers, bears, meerkats, aardvarks (who aren't blue! jet marveled, he's been watching a lot of Pink Panther), giraffes, elephants, koalas, and all kinds of other animals and plants. Oh, the plants. I took so many bamboo shots I'm bemused. Plus the Pandas were out and the year-old panda baby was bugging Mom until Mom happily wrestled with the baby and baby wrestled back. They were so cute! We watched a sea lion show in the blazing sun, and finally got some sunscreen. Been a bit complacent about that after the Colorado sunshine.

Finally came home around 4, and Kathy let me drive her stick-shift Mini Cooper home. I could really love that little car. Zoom and pep and pretty good visibility for being so small. And Jet loves it.

Tomorrow's Lego Land again. *laughs* But I'm hoping to get Jet into the Mindstorms lab this time.

And Dad's found more calligraphy sources for me. Wheee!!! *dances about*

It's been good.

I had no idea you were from San Diego (or had forgotten). I grew up in University City.

You're definitely right about the air - one of my favorite things to do was just hang out in PB and breath the rich sea air. There's a great $5 breakfast place right by the pier, and you can actually have breakfast on a deck watching the ocean. There's also a nice coffee shop a few blocks up from it, though it's gotten less nice since I was in high school. Many summers during college I'd meet up with friends in the late afternoon at the northern beach in PB, and we'd surf and swim until it started to get dark, then go get cheap burritos at El Cotixan in Clairemont.
Wooo.. yeah.

It's nice to just breathe. John and I have been to that coffee shop! *laughs* I haven't been brave enough to stand in the lines for the breakfast, yet, as we seem to get up too late for it, time and again.

Mmmm.. surf and swim and cheap burritos...

I'm really not that much from around here, as I was only here for that one year. I actaully grew up more in Indiana and LA area... so I don't usually say I'm from here, but my parents, once they moved here haven't moved since. *laughter*