Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Lego Land and The Beach

Spent most of yesterday at Lego Land, and dehydrated pretty well and then did a Chinese buffet for dinner. Then spent most of this foggy morning out at Mission Beach, south of Pacific Beach, and dug in dense, fine sand and built sand castles with Jet between boogie board sessions on the shallow, long, flat beach here. Much safer for him, and easier on me.

It's odd being a Mom, in a way. To be that caught up in someone else's well being.

Lego land was fun, lots of really cool stuff created by lots of people. The Lego models all around the place are exquisite, and insanely detailed. Jet enjoyed looking at lots of things, especially the New England fishing village, the Washington D.C. setup with the cavalcade and Arlington, and the Las Vegas Strip was really funny. New York, New York was awesome as always. We rode rides, we got wet, we did stuff, we had a real lunch as they had salads and steaks as well as hot dogs. We checked out kits with battery packs and built things while watching movies.

Sadly, the Mindstorms classroom required that Jet be 9, instead of 7. So no luck for us. I need to remember this for next time.

We all did 16,000 steps, it's no wonder Jet crashed hard when he finally got to go to sleep.

Today was great out on the beach. It wasn't crowded, and we built and built and built, and I ended up with a castle, a lighthouse with ramps, a triangular fortress, and the last thing I was actually able to build was an igloo from sand with a snowman from "sandballs". *laughs* Jet build three castles and a Wall, and he was very proud of going out into the long, slow, shallow surf and riding the boogie board all the way to the sand. He did say that catching "the white part" was hard.

That was good.

When we got back home at 2, I made grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone, and then Mom showed me how to do plum/cherry blossoms, while John went to pick up Kathy. They both got me a Bubbletea as we don't get those at home. Just plain milk tea with lychee jellies instead of the tapioca and I'm the happiest girl of Chinese descent there is.

We're eyeing the Pacific Beach Hawaiian BBQ restaurant for dinner tonight, as we can't get that kind of food back in the mountains. They were talking of taking us to a diner, but diners we gots. Hawaiian food we emphatically don't get much that's good.

We're flying home tomorrow, so I didn't get to do the In and Out, but we did make a special trip to Trader Joe's and stocked up like mad. It's going to be a close thing on those 50 pound bag limits when we go home.

Tags: lego, travel

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