Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

First Day of School

Jet was up at 5:30. He didn't say that it was from excitement at school, but... one wonders.

One of his friends threw up at 5 a.m. so I'm thankful all Jet did was wake up and it wasn't like he's at all anxious.

There were actual crowds at the bus stop this morning. I guess a few kindergarteners were going for their first time and a few other kids that didn't normally ride the bus, but since all the kids in our neighborhood are going to the new school that's a mile further than the old one, I guess they all decided that the bus would be a good idea or something.

So it was a huge gathering at the bus stop with a lot of newbie parents and kids that didn't know the protocols of getting in line at the stop, or, for that matter, even where the dang stop *was*. That made the old-timers giggle a lot, as the newbies were standing at the street corner, while the old-hand kids dropped their packs under the marker tree. But the younger new kids just crowded in *front* of the kids that had their packs in line when the bus came and the older kids just rolled their eyes.

Better than the usual wrestling matches, I guess, but I'm sure the new ones will be disabused of their ignorance when there aren't quite so many parents around.

Poor Jet got cut off by a few clueless Moms that just stood in his way when their kids had gotten on the bus, and we had to make some not quite so polite noises to make them let him through. He grinned out the window and waved the whole time he could see us.

Then the Old Guard had a nice chat about our summers and the fact that at least one of the mom's was grateful not just for getting the kids out of the house, but getting her teaching husband out of the house as well. Whew. She said she had no idea how John and I managed to be together all day. *laughs*

We don't, really. As John went off to do Food Share this morning, so I stayed at home and read and ate, and caught up on comments and stuff. Then, when he came home, I took off on my bike to deliver paintings to the post office for amberley and buildingafuture. Yes, the pine tree, chibi sparrows, the tree on the way to the mountain, and one of the orchid paintings have all been taken. *grins* It was fun to ride fast and hard and go all the back ways and run through traffic with the mobility and acceleration I can have with the vehicle that has no protection for me whatsoever. *laughs*

Then, when I got home again, I reread Old Man's War again after finishing it because... well, it's my way with books I really like. I like reading them twice, the first time through the second time with the stuff I really liked. And I actually reread a few scenes five or six times simply to get the cadence and texture and wording and what really made it work for me.

Then Jet came home and we met him at the stop and he held both our hands to walk back to the house. He said that Mikayla was going swimming with Mr. Dean, so we went swimming too. Then the boys said that we were riding to Noodles and Company to celebrate Jet's first day at school. That made a full 7 miles of bike riding for me today and I'm a little sore, and tired. It was a good ride, though FAR more nerve-wracking as the Mom behind her kid following the Dad whose back is to everything the very-much-a-Boy does rather than just get-somewhere-girl. But it was a great dinner.

During dinner Jet said, "I don't get it, we didn't have a party or anything! No cake, no movie, and it's the first day of school! I guess second grade is harder."

I guess he's been a little spoiled by his other teachers. Jet and I played Lego StarWars II when we got home. And when it was bed time, Jet actually fell asleep easily.

I'm really hoping that he'll sleep all night, as if he wakes up it'll be *my* turn to be up with him at 5:30. *grins*
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