Tried Using the Scanner

But... I hate it when the painting is just that much bigger than the scanner... yeesh...

But the hubby said, after seeing this one, "Maybe we should start learning how to mount these and frame 'em."


The line of poetry is from "Spring Script" by (I know I'm going to mangle this as I have not the Pinyin) Moong Hou Rang, the last line of it is just "flower petals know how much."

Swallow and Cherry

And then I tried bamboo again after seeing groves and groves and groves of it at the SD zoo.... and realized that it really is that crowded sometimes.

Another Bamboo Painting...
I agree with him. ^^

The colors are lovely and soft yet striking. I love the lines made by the branches. The bamboo is very convincing. It also has a peaceful quality. Excellent effort!
Thank you!

I keep learning with each one, so it's fun to see where I'm getting... yeah... I'm liking my branch work better. And Mom told me how to vary the colors on the flower petals so they stand out better. Still not *great* at that, but getting there is good. *smiles*
Very nice! That dark bamboo really looks like it has depth, on the page. And yeah, I could see them looking quite nice on the wall.

I'm glad you like that one. I tried doing two stalks with one loading of the brush, the crooked one was the second stalk.. which is why it's lighter, but I thought it would be okay for it to be in back... *grins*

Thank you!!
Hee. I might do that to the first. The bamboo is just another practice page... it's not what I want, yet... but I might use it for practicing the backing techniques, using another piece of paper...

But thanks!
Thank you! I'm definitely thinking of doing that with the first... not sure about the bamboo one, yet... *grins*
My first thought was that the bird was much better. It doesn't look like it's defying physics to fly. My second thought, upon seeing the bamboo, was I really like this!
Yay for progress!! *laughs* Yes. It is not an overly fat sparrow. Whew.

Oo. You like the bamboo? Thanks! *grins*
*grins* Since you're the first to say you really liked the bamboo one, would you want me to send it to you? It's just a practice piece that I'd probably just use as practice for learning how to back these things, or I'd just recycle it or something. So many people liking it has surprised me a little, but if you want it, I'll send it to you, but I might ask for money for the tube and mail costs. *laughs*
That would be so fun! I would probably put it in my office. I think I can email you at liralen @ livejournal right? I can send you my address and money. Well, that won't work so well via email...
Yeah! That address will work just fine.

If you have paypal, I could send you the email to send paypal money to, but if not, we'll figure something out.
Those are so pretty! I especially like the bamboo. Are they painted on fabric?
They're painted on something called "rice paper" but isn't actually made of rice at all. It's a non-sized long-fiber paper. "Double Shuen" is one designation of the weight of the paper I'm actually using, it's absorbent, which is why the water marks around the petals.

It requires a lot of control of the amount of water I have on the brush at any time, and it good practice for actually painting on fabric, which I want to do eventually.
These push all my buttons! I really, really like cherry blossoms and bamboo, and I have been on the lookout for some themed art to go in my new house. This is exactly the sort of thing that would catch my eye - simple, elegant, and pretty, all without being pretentious.
How beautiful. The bamboo one is definitely something I'd love to have on my wall.