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Since I owed amberley for giving me a copy of Old Man's War, he asked me to donate it to a good cause. And since I was feeling bad yesterday, thought I'd give/lend more than that to someone on Kiva and donated the cover price towards their operating expenses. It's micro-loans person to person, rather than the Graeme method of getting a lot of money from donations and having the people local to the situation make far more informed decisions on who gets what loans. Graeme is really effective. But I guess I wanted to make a choice for myself this time.

Uhm... yes, now that you mention it, I did just finish reading The Ghost Brigades. *grin* It was a really, really excellent read and agonizing at the end. *sighs* Cathartic, too, for someone that's known for 40 year what they were for.

incandescens introduced me to Kiva, and I'm still a little baffled about how it actually works... but I'll trust it does.

If you don't know about micro loans... just ask in a comment or something and I'll expound.
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