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Best Things About Being A Mom

One of the best things about being a Mom is being able to sit and watch My Neighbor Totoro as many times as Jet wants and giggling with him over everything. The amusing thing is that we only have one 20-year-old tape that's in Japanese with no dubbing or subbing and we lost the translation sheet, and the two of us still utterly love the movie.

I need to buy a subbed DVD, there was a time when Disney was only publishing the things with dub and I saw a copy of it and just couldn't bring myself to buy it. It just lost ALL of Mai's attempts to learn her own language. Jet and I cheerfully echo her trying to repeat everything Satsuki says... but there's a new version out with the good stuff, so I bought it today, just to give someone the appropriate money, 'cause I really want to do this again.

We had a great day.

It started with Jet coming into our room, trying to sleep on the sheepskin rug by my side of the bed for a bit, and then waking up and standing next to me by the bed. When I opened my eyes he whispered, "Good morning."

John baked cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Yum. Then Jet and I got to play foosball in the youth room at church, and he nearly slaughtered me. And it's not like I was making it easy on him. He has a killer shot, and quick reflexes on which pole to get to depending on where the ball is. He started two games by running up a five point lead, and I was sure I was going to get just killed. But then I would gradually come back... and I managed to win both games. He loved the playing, and I think that he's okay with losing games, in a way that even I'm not that good at, he just loved doing the playing. I did as well as I could to really admire the great shots he did make, and I think that that really pleased him.

He'll beat me pretty soon, I think. And he did say, "Well, you're a little older than I am. So you have more experience." I agreed, and said that as far as I could tell he was learning wicked fast, and he grinned.

Then I did the teacher of my Bible class a favor and getting up in front of everyone to say that despite the fact that I'm a book learner (I hate classrooms and dealing with people on the most part to learn theories and facts), that I grew up in and rebelled thorough against an authoritarian religious environment as a kid, and am afraid and angry at how lots of people have used the Bible in the past as a method to hate people; that I still recommended the class. That I really, really had a hard time with the New Testament, and every week I'd get angry and in a rage at what I'd read, remembering how those passages had been used by others, and then I'd go to class (always late with the NT as I was scared) and we'd all talk about it.

And I'd get to step back from my history into the greater history of each of the books themselves. I'd get to know the real context of when it was written, what it was written for, and why the people who were writing it chose the words, the phrasing, the passages as they wrote them. And then I'd get to bounce it off people (some of whom were diametrically opposite to me, some the same), hear how they came at those other passages that aren't used as weapons, and I've come to a much firmer understanding of my own faith. It's given me the authority with which to back up my beliefs. This isn't a class about facts or theories... it's something that has to, in some ways, come through other people. Just as my fear, hatred, and distrust of Christianity came from other people, any healing I was going to get to come through others as well.

Not that I'm actually still any more trusting of the Christian establishment than I was before. *laughs* I'm still half a mind like the one Biblical scholar who was asked, "Are you Christian?" and he answered, "I'm a follower of Christ, but I'm not at all sure that being a part of the Church is compatible with that anymore." Yes, Ross, still firmly on the side of the prophets, though I now see the benefits of priests.

And I had more people stop to talk with me after church (an hour after I did my two minute speel) than I've had in months. But I usually hide in a corner with my knitting or something. *laughs*

Anyway... it was funny to talk two other people into doing the class thing.

We toddled home, and had lunch. I made myself a chili dog while the boys got grilled cheese, and Jet and I had our movie time together. That was really sweet.

Then Jet did Lego for a bit while I wrote a little and John napped. Then Jet and I played Okami and meandered through a lot of things but managed to catch the giant Marlin off the coast. When it got turned into sashimi by the expert chef on the shore, Jet said, "That makes me hungry."


The three of us went swimming, next. The sky was threatening rain, and it was such a relief to be outside without the sun it was just astonishing. I have tan lines you wouldn't believe. *laughs* But it was windy and dark and cool, so the pool water made Jet say, "It's as hot as the hot tub!" Not quite, but it was very comfortably warm, far warmer than when we got out and the wind whipped away the moisture. brrr...

I learned that I can now just lie on my back in the water and do slow kicks up and down the pool for just about forever. I also found that I really had to watch for the walls. *laughter* But it was so nice and lazy to just drift along with the water just covering my ears so all I could hear was the slosh slosh slosh of my kicks.

Jet has developed an intriguing stroke all his own. He'll practically lie on his left side and bring his right arm, and his right arm only all the way out of the water in big windmills. *sighs* Normally, he'll slide through the water, underwater, with an almost dolphin like kick, his hands mostly just to provide stability and just that extra push when he has something within his grasp. But he got the idea that he should get his arms all the way out of the water when he's on the surface, and he's insisting that he's actually using both arms... but all we see is him doing circles on the surface with a huge amount of splashing.

I went home a little early from the pool and got my shower and started dinner before the boys got home. Dinner was good, mac and cheese, BBQ chicken, and grilled zucchini. The last of the ice cream after dinner was even better. Hee. The boys played for a bit after dinner, and I mostly IM'ed and had a bear of a time with fiction again so I'm not pushing it, and then I put Jet to bed. We watched the closing of the Olympics. The fireworks were amazing. It's recorded so Jet can see it tomorrow, as he really wanted to.

Sleepy time... past it even, for me, but so it is. I wanted to do a brain dump, and try and concentrate on what I like in my life.
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