Oh Dear

That sweet little rice site with the vocabulary thing?

It just turned on me, with claws. Now it does five languages, geography, multiplication tables (fell over laughing at that), English grammar, Chemistry elements tables (easy and hard), and FAMOUS ART matching to the artist.

This could be a serious time sink.
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LOL WOW I have never heard of it doing that you have obviously pissed it off with your genius and it is now pushing you to make itself feel better LOL
It looks like the extra subjects are available right from the start, you just have to look for the link.

And the vocab goes up to 60 now. Yikes!
OK, I need to stop that now.

I got up to 50 in English vocab, but couldn't quite manage to get beyond that.

English grammar was easy, except that I persistently fail to remember, or care about, the distinction between "further" and "farther."

I did pretty well at chemical symbols, although I'm a bit rusty so I missed some I should have gotten.

The multiplication tables were trivial.

World capitals was kind of embarrassing; I did OK at first but started to flail around level three (out of five.)

Famous paintings I was able to do marginally better than pure guesswork, somewhat to my surprise. It turns out I have some vague (very vague) idea of certain painters' styles and typical subjects. Who knew?
I can't get much beyond the 50 either.

Ooo... I should try the grammar, as I would like to at least know what the difference is.

Yeah. The multiplication tables were an easy way to 1000 grains in a trivial amount of time.

I flailed at capitols. I got to level 3 on the Spanish. I was happy with that. And I didn't do much better than random guess work at the paintings, but on the second tries I was doing pretty well. *laughs*
Re: "farther" vs. "further"... now that I google it, the answer is that "farther" refers to greater distance, while "further" means to a greater degree, as in time or some other non-physical measure.

So "Moscow is farther away than Tacoma," but "Byzantium is further in the past than Istanbul." I guess.

Some of the google hits claims that this is a "relatively recent" rule, and point out that there are several cases where the rule is ambiguous. So I'm going to put this one in the same class as the rule about splitting infinitives, and not worry about it.

(On the other hand, using less instead of fewer drives me up the wall. I never claimed to be consistent in my pedantry.)
*grins* People... Language...

consistency isn't


Thank you, very much, for the explanation!! I appreciate that a lot as I just couldn't, for the life of me, remember the correct "answer" to the grammar rule for that one, either. *laughs*
Yes. Indeed. *laughs*

I think I hit level 50 on the vocab and it cheerfully popped up and said, "Do you want to access more functions?" Uhm... sure?