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Five-Kid Paintings...

Well, I was sitting down to paint, yesterday, when five other kids rampaged into the house along with Jet and my recycle pile disappeared in a flurry of grabs. Even my junk calligraphy sheets were snatched up and I was like... what?


And the kids liked one of my throwaways so much I had to take a shot of it... and the other one made my neighbor come all the way up to the office and demand that I paint one of them for him, that didn't have the wrinkles... *laughs* And I asked him, "Do you want the three wings, too, on the top swallow?"

He had the grace to blush.

I didn't get a picture of that one 'cause I felt the swallows were *STILL* out of proportion, but he loved it so I won't argue with him...

Here's the one I threw away:
Grumpy Bird

The poof on his chest is where I just let the water get away from me, and the whole damned bird was just *off*, which is why it was headed for the recycle bin...

Now the direct result of having kids in the house was this poor panda who has like random sticks around...
Uhm... Panda for Macy

Eventually I managed to settle down to a little calligraphy (worked from left to right and up to down):

And, directly from a kid demand, "BIRDS! In a tree not just a stick!!" Okay... *after* the requests for kitty or a monkey or a dragon and a castle and... ahem. I don't like the front bird, at all, still... it's proportions are still off. Referenced Chow Chian-Chiu and Chow Leung Chen-Ying's painting with three birds rather than two (I did the two and was so scared of messing up the third I just went for the branches after the birds) in Easy Ways to do Chinese Painting, published by Walter T. Foster.

Birdies in a tree:
Birds in a Tree
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