Oh Weird

When I listen to music with English in it, it's hard to write something that's counter to the mood and concepts of the song. When I listen to music in Japanese, which I don't understand much more than a word or two of, I am fine. Interesting...
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*grins* Cool to know. It's been a while since I could listen to music at all, so it's a new discovery for me. Hee.
Ditto. I much prefer to to work listening to Japanese vocals (though I do understand more than a little bit, it's still distant enough from full comprehension to be background noise, rather than disruptive).
Oh, cool. Yeah, I would have thought your comprehension would have made it different, but... neat.
*hops on board the weird train* Same for me. That's why I mostly write to instrumentals and random anime music. But the songs are intended to invoke a certain feeling through the combination of music and lyrics, right? I mean, that's pretty much the whole point. So, if you're not getting the message from one or the other, you can just apply your own mood. Or something.
Ah. *nodnods* That makes some sense.

I only just started listening to music again, and I remembered that a long time ago I used to love writing *to* music... and it was suddenly... huh... I can't write anything to any music... weird.... *laughs*

It's not weird. Our brains like harmony. Dissonance is disturbing and harder to process so it makes everything harder.

I actually prefer silence when writing, but because I can't always get that I've learned to block out a lot of background information when I need to.

My kids have trained me well. ;)

btw love your icon. I know it's not Buttercup, but I haven't seen that cartoon in ages. Is it a powerpuff boy?
Yeah... I'm finding that headphones and a chosen environment are pretty conducive to writing, as it shuts out the kid sounds.

Oh! I think I made it at this site It's supposed to be me as a Powderpuff Girl. *laughs*
Right. Wow... I've never heard of any of those folks. Now I want to check them out...

Thank you!