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The next chapter to Twin Souls is off to the beta. Jyuushiro's portion proved less tractable than Shunsui's... *laughs* But now I'll have enough brain for a few other things I want to pursue for a few days. Next week won't be a short week. And I have some painting I want to do, and a birthday fic to do soon. Tenpou's been patient but he's not THAT patient. *holds head* Why are the Saiyuki boys so much more *boisterous* than my Academy guys, or is that just a stupid question?
Why are the Saiyuki boys so much more *boisterous* than my Academy guys, or is that just a stupid question?

It's a stupid question *smirks*.

Gotta watch out for those Saiyuki boys. They have a bad habit of hijacking your Muses something fierce. You'll get them back all mangled, with teeth marks and possibly drooled on.
*falls over laughing*

I'm very glad to know it's not just me. Whew.

Yeah... teeth marks, mangled, drool, and various other mild abrasions and blood. It's amazing how consistent it is.
*laughs* Excuse me and wait patiently while I go and cheer in the other room.




Ahem. Yes. You poor thing. Bad Saiyuki boys, bad!
It's pretty isn't it?

Those boys have a way of making themselves at home in your mind and than seducing/threatening/whining your muses into writing them. you can guess who does which :p
Tenpou, though... is patient. Like water... it's going to be interesting to let him out.
Painting? So cool! Multitalented people make me so jealous. *turns green*

Heh. Clickie here. Those are my previous painting posts...

I'm most proud of this set of paintings though, at the moment. More will come, perhaps.

I can't do faces to save my life, yet. I will, eventually, with lots of practice, but I don't notice people the way I notice trees. It's odd that way...

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Those are just gorgeous!

They inspired me to paint a watercolor tree with my son yesterday. LOL! They was horrifying, but we had a good time with the paints. :D
That's the real point of it, isn't it?

Just having fun making stuff, horrifying or not, they're *fun*.