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Last Swim of the Summer

The pool is closed now, and today was damp and rainy and in the 50's.

Yesterday, the last day the pool was open was in the high-70's, sunny and clear and warm. So the three of us took advantage of the last opportunity, after a day full of the Sunday school opening, church, and then the after church picnic to celebrate the beginning of the church school season.

Since there was also a bit of a wind, as rain was forecast for today and last night, the day itself was cool, brisk. So with the air a little cooler, the warmth of the pool itself was wonderful. The three of us did the usual cannon ball entry and then paddled around happily.

Chasing Jet is a full-time exercise, he had me chasing him all over the pool. Then I rode a noodle while he blew blasts of water out through the tube it made. We chased John all over the pool while John floated on an air mattress in the sunshine.

All three of us were three shades darker after we went home, showered, and then headed, on our bikes, to Noodles and Company. Jet wanted to go for his favorite dinner, and I wanted the Thai Curry Soup, which isn't exactly Thai as it has tomatoes and stuff in it. But it's spicy, hot, tart, sweet, herbal, and curry with rice noodles and shrimp it was exactly what I needed.

John took Jet home afterward, while I took my bike a little further to the King Soopers, and bought a fifty cent bunch of cilantro and tried to get some ground almond butter for us to put on ice cream. But the machine was down again. Sniff. The freshly ground stuff is just five dollars a pound while the jarred stuff is nearly nine dollars a pound, which seems a little silly to me. But it's only available when the machine is up and working, so there's a trade off of some sort here. Luckily, today, John got the machine working there, and he filled a whole one pound tub so we're in the butter for a while.

I rode home through the park, under the evening sprinklers. I got to see the two white horses running around, tails raised, manes flying, kicking their heels in their field on the way home. One of them looked like he was racing me down the fence, and it was fun to watch something that big floating along in that stream of motion.

It was a beautiful day. And it finally really felt like the end of summer... I should probably change my banner...
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