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Bedtime for a Blood-Thirsty Lt: Renji and the Kitten

Title: Renji and the Kitten
Genre: Bedtime story
Rating: PG for language
Summary: Renji encounters a kitten and does what he thinks is right.
Word Count: 915
Disclaimer: I make don't own or make money off of Bleach. This is all fiction.
A/N: This is cross-posted from my Y! account... it's rough and still in IM format. And chuchacz drew the illustration for this little amusement. This is where you can find the original.

It's just a bedtime story for a blood-thirsty Lieutenant.

bloodthLt: *pets* could you tell me a story?
Li: about?
bloodthLt: hmmm *snuggles* a nice bed time story, maybe with some water in it.
Li: *puts aside the one of hakkai crying, shunsui dreaming of fire, toshiro saving his neighborhood from a fire, ukitake and the little frog... hm...*
bloodthLt: oooh two of them sound very interesting to me *snuggles*, but I totally fear fire.
Li: *contemplates renji and the kitten, no water, Shuuhei and the wolf, no no... hm...*
bloodthLt: ooooh a kitten?
bloodthLt: i like kittens
Li: But there's no water?
Li: Is that okay?
bloodthLt: okay
Li: Renji was practicing with Ikkaku out in the cliffs one day. They were beating the tar out of each other and enjoying it.
Li: It's sunny. A nice day for a good, hard fight, and the two intend to make the most of it, as Ikkaku can't get out that often, now that he's a Third Seat and Renji's taking on more responsibilities with the 11th. They battle, take water breaks, and seal up the longer, more bothersome cuts during the breaks...
Li: And then Renji hears the tiny cry of a kitten.
bloodthLt: ooooh what happens
bloodthLt: ?
Li: He looks around and can't seem to find it, and Ikkaku looks at him like he's crazy. "Whatcha lookin' for, man?"
Li: "A kitten... I think. Dumbass, help me find it," Renji said, grumpily, as he hears the weak little mew again.
Li: Ikkaku shrugs, "I don't hear anything, Pineapple. You find it."
Li: "Okay, I will." Renji stalks into the high columns of the cliffs around their practice area and hears Ikkaku laugh and then go back towards their division.
bloodthLt: go ikkaku
Li: hee.
bloodthLt: is renji going to save the little kitty?
Li: of course.
Li: its renji.
bloodthLt: yay!
Li: he wouldn't let a stray be lost forever.
Li: he's one himself.
bloodthLt: yep yep
Li: Renji casts through the columns, frowning until he hears another soft "mew". Oddly enough it's coming from higher up. He wanders about until he finally can hear where the sound is coming from.
Li: There's a little tiny cave about twice as high as he is, above his head, in one of the stone columns he sees a flash of green eyes.
Li: It's a hell of a struggle for poor Renji to climb that column, but climb it he does. He scrapes knuckles and knees, toes and the shoulder that Ikakku had cut open earlier, leaving a smear of blood on the stone. But up it he goes and when he gets to the top he finds a tiny kitten, half-starved and so thirsty it licks Renji's hands for the blood on them.
Li: However, it's not quite a tame kitten, and it leaves claw marks on those same hands when he picks it up. And, having no where else to put it, Renji sticks it in the top of his gi, so that he'll have both hands free to climb down.
Li: The little beast, scared at first, digs its claws into Renji's skin and the gi. Renji, used to the sword slashes Ikakku raises, doesn't think anything much of those scratches, and so he just climbs back down.
Li: By the time he's down, the kitten is licking the sweat off Renji, just for the water's sake, and it tickles him a little, but being Renji he doesn't let that bother him either. Instead, he feeds it water from his bamboo water bottle until it won't drink anymore. Then he tries to set it free.
Li: It won't go. The kitten won't leave Renji, even when Renji make scary noises at it, and shoo's it off. And it's black and skinny and reminds him too much of Rukia, so he really can't just chase it off completely. Finally, it ends up back on him, in his gi.
Li: Renji wanders back to the 11th, terrified that the other guys are going to see him, Renji, with a kitten.
Li: But who should find him and the little furry thing first? You guessed it! Zaraki Kenpachi!
Li: The Captain frowns at Renji and Renji tries to hide his trembling. The Captain pokes a finger at the kitten, "What's that?"
Li: The kitten sinks all four sets of claws and its teeth into Kenpachi's hand. Renji's eyes get all big as he expects all his hard work to come to nothing.
Li: Kenpachi laughs and laughs. "Ha! Little bugger's perfect for us. Good find, Abarai. Looks like the 11th has a mascot."
Li: Vice-captain Yachiru peeks over Kenpachi's shoulder, "Cute!! Yeah, Ken-chan, let's keep him!" And that pretty much sealed the deal, as none of the guys were going to cross Yachiru.
Li: And that is how Renji found the kitten mascot for the 11th.

The Cat Came Back
Tags: bedtime_story, bleach, fanfic, writing
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