Did Anyone Get The License Plate of That Truck?

I would like to declare my love and gratitude for one stark_black.

Dear God. I feel like a truck has run over me. Between my own obsessive tendencies when faced with a deadline, and real need to write Silver and Black, the two of us have managed to write about 18,000 words in less than two weeks, not including the amount of stuff we threw out because it wasn't good enough. I didn't have the heart to actually see how much that was.

Add to that the two chapters (10,000 words) of Twin Souls (plus the beta pass, which incandescens did a lot of *wonderful* work on), the two bedtime stories I cranked out in the last couple of nights, and another story I'm working on for someone (about 3000 words at last count) that isn't going to see the light of day for a few more days, and I feel a bit like a toothpaste tube that got run over by a truck.

It's a good thing.

stark_black's been a joy to work with. Her patience, energy, and willingness to work with me even when we've made a mistake, and to help me learn from those mistakes has been amazing. I am in debt to her in ways I can't even start to list.

So, thanks.
*huggles you* It feels amazing to write that much doesn't it? I really miss that feeling (have to admit, I'm kind of jealous of you :$). Great for you though! :D
Hee. Thanks!! It is pretty astonishing to write that much that quickly... though I'll admit that I pretty much ignored my flist to do it, and it's taking a while to be back through it. *laughs*

*hugs* Thanks again!! *huggles back happily*
I know exactly how you feel. Stark has always been there to encourage me to write, even though I always get nervous and never post anything. The first fanfiction I ever wrote was a gift for her. I agree with everything you said about her. I can be a pain to talk to, but she never gave up on me.
Exactly... she doesn't give up. Cool to know that she's done so much for you, too!!

She always amazes me. *grins*

I feel odd offering her fanfic. *giggles* It's one of those things where... if she wanted a fanfic, she could write it so why would I? But... she always loves it when someone writes her something, so maybe I should... since her birthday's so soon...
Heheh. Heh. Heh.

The only reason I wrote her something is because I thought her birthday was August 21th, not September 21st.

*feels so full of fail*
No no!! Early is *good*!! *laughs*

That's better than me!! Yeesh. I'm likely to be late if anything. Gah...
*shakes head* Crazy, crazy woman!

In reality *slinks off in utter jealousy*


Utterly insane is right.

And stark and I keep bemusing me by how much we're getting done on Silver and Black. It's been fun.