trees over Jet

Off Camping

So I'm going cold turkey for the next few days and I'm aching already. *laughs*

But I'm completely insane and John and I volunteered, today, to help the entire 2nd grade tie-dye t-shirts for themselves. And then, right from school, we're going up into the Rocky Mountain National park and meeting up with a dozen other families to do a huge group camping thing.

So I'll see you on the other side.
Hee! Thank you! It all went far better than I'd hoped, especially with the waves of rain that were coming through on Friday. Whew...
Ok not so jealous anymore. You really are nuts!

Tie dying with 7 year olds & CAMPING voluntarily?!!!

*shakes head again* Crazy, Crazy woman. :P

*hates camping with the fire of a thousand suns*

*laughs* It turned out fun. *grins*

Yeah... I'm not THAT enthused about camping at 8000 feet in 0 degree C weather...

But it turned out good.