Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Diamond Dust Rebellion

I got to see it! *dances about* I enjoyed it a great deal and it's definitely gotten me back into a Bleach-writing mood.

It was very good, definitely a Toshiro movie. *grins* I also loved all the subtext between Ukitake and Kyouraku, which is probably why a bunch of folks recommended it to me. They were very sweet, though I have some sympathy for incandescens's reaction of Shunsui just shouldn't have gotten hurt there. *laughs* But he didn't have his bankai right out there (too subtle), and the bad guy did have power of the whoseiwhatsit behind him which was supposed to be able to change reality... sooo I'll take it as a change of reality that Kyouraku could get hurt. Hee.

But Ukitake's talk with Nanao was very much how I think of him. *happy sigh*

Yeah, yeah, watching the whole movie just to get the bits for the characters I love best. Hee.

But I really liked Matsumoto in it, and it really ached when she asked if guys were going to be leaving her without a word for the rest of her life. Ichigo really did come through with his own insight on what was going on. That was neat. And it was fun seeing Shuuhei and Kira get clobbered, bounce, and then come back in running. That's so them. *grins*
Tags: bleach
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