Recovering from a Cold

incandescens is a treasure. Indeed, the plum, brandy, and walnut preserves are wonderful on mascarpone on a hot bagel and do, indeed, make the cold easier to bear, even if it isn't a cure. *laughs*

Jet on his cold, "I think the sneezing is from an allergy, and the coughing is from the campfire smoke."

He hasn't had a cold in three years. It's no wonder he doesn't quite know what to do with it. Yeah... three years of public school and he hasn't had a cold until now, I guess we're doing something right. And, of course, he's over it in two days, and John and I are still slogging through it. With all my lung medications, for the first time in a decade, I'm not going right to bronchitis from a head cold. I'm impressed. Lots of Cold-eze, Airborne, hot tea, and liquids as well as a nap now and then all seem to be helping as well. It's good to not be too stressed.

Friday we're taking off for Seattle for just the weekend and Monday and Tuesday. I suppose I shall keep missing the rain as the weather there is supposed to be clear and hot. Ah well, can't have everything. It's such a short visit we'll probably do another, longer one in the Spring.
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Very, very much so. *grins* Makes mornings easier, and it is very lovely on bagels.
Thank you!! Ooo... yeah.. I've been drinking a lot of hot tea, with plenty of honey. *happy sigh*

*hugs* We'll do our best to have fun and stay safe. ♥
Mostly a driving need to see trees again... and the ocean, and eat seafood, eat Chinese food, and breathe air with oxygen in it...

Oh, right, and for Jet's grandparents to see him for a while again. It's been a while.
haha wow, I wish I had jet's health, that would be awesome!

I'm right with you there on the cold front. The things suck majorly...

Have fun in Seatle!
Thank you! Yeah, I wish I had Jet's health, too. *grins*

I hope you get better!!
can I pimp Zicam at you again? the nasal swabs? we find they hugely reduce the length and severity of colds if you religiously swab three times a day - I just didn't catch Simon's cold thanks to swabbing ;-)
The Cold-eze are similar, though it's more zinc drops...

We used the Zicam swabs for a while, but I was getting bloody noses from 'em. So we stopped. Between Airborne and the Cold-eze drops that don't put it directly on my nasal passages, I think I'm getting at it... *laughs*